October 2017

The No.1 magazine for automotive information OCTOBER 2017 www. a f t e r m a r k e t o n l i n e . n e t INSIDE Tyres and tyre bay equipment P32 Every vehicle coming through your doors has tyres – get kitted out for tyres and take control of this valuable income stream Exhaust systems and DPF P36 The latest on exhaust systems and DPF: Be able to service the latest diesel vehicles, and be prepared for the future too Top Tech Live 2017 review P24 All the excitement from Top Tech Live, plus the chance to find out more about Top Technician 2017’s winner Competition: Win a fantastic prize with NGK! Turn to page 47 to find out more ocruO e cnis wehT otsucottnemitmm ninrobsaw ® OCIRT dd egnahcsahd lro .tonsahsrem .191 7 y llacitsar tebfeas s’tI.yad dg nivgi segnahc niredael enretfA httaniamerlliwOCIRTtaht worromottahwsseugotdrah asotdedeennoisivehtsrevir iroruo, yadot,yteicosruoni seD.ygolonhcetedalbrepiw mesahOCIRT, yrutneca ylra tnorferofe as’titub,gnirblliw riehttuobaogyelf :sniamerlaoglanig dnufoorpetip labogl a sadegre orp iaR 91 .edalbrepiwnoitcud tsrifs’OCIRT,rebburn 71 . rt moc.ueo.ci