May 2018

54 AFTERMARKET MAY 2018 ADDITIVES AND CLEANERS F or a garage business, it is always vital to identify and capitalise on additional revenue streams. When you are dealing with vehicles that are taking a daily, weekly and monthly pounding on the roads, there are going to be a number of areas that offer potential. Take additives and cleaners as an example. With systems becoming more finely balanced all the time, certain types of engine may require the application of additional products to keep them running at optimal levels. Underestimated According to Harry Hartkorn, Head of Applications Engineering at LIQUI MOLY, additives are a frequently overlooked source of income for garages that can help them earn extra turnover with little effort: “Additives are such a simple as well as underestimated source of income for workshops. Not only do they bring in additional cash, they also increase customer loyalty and help you distinguish yourself from the competition.” Harry continues: “Additives are used in motor oil and transmission oil, for fuels and radiator. They improve the properties of the fluid, to which they are added and help to solve certain problems. They are chemical tools that should be in every professional's toolbox. Just as every tool, they have a certain purpose, for which they are well suited.” Three is the magic number Three is the magic number when it comes to additives says Harry: “Additives keep the cash register bell ringing on three occasions. “First as a chemical problem solver. A car is brought into the workshop with a technical defect, which can be rectified with additives. This is frequently faster, simpler and more economical than mechanical repair. For example, a sticky gearbox; LIQUI MOLY has the right medicine - a transmission oil additive. It is a special wear protection additive, which reduces friction in the gearbox, making it easy to shift. In most cases it can solve the problem. Even if not, the attempt costs hardly any time or money. The alternative would be to remove and disassemble the gearbox for diagnosis. That would require disproportionally more work and expense - and the fault still would not be eliminated. “Secondly, additives can be an additional service within the overall scope of maintenance. When a car is brought in for an inspection, additives allow workshops to offer custom tailored service packages. The advantage is that with our additives, it is possible to offer a very wide variety of service packages. The third opportunity is the opportunity to earn money from the sale of additives. Many are suitable for regular use.“ Harry adds: “With the aid of additives, workshops can significantly increase their range of service and distinguish themselves from the competition. They provide proof of your technical competency and improve customer loyalty. And these high-margin additives offer a significant increase in income with little work.“ ADDITIVES AND CLEANERS ARE ALWAYS A PLUS Additives and cleaners provide a host of benefits to both you and your customers Above: DPF Protector additive from LIQUI MOLY