July/August 2020

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All others may subscribe at £60 per anum, £120 Europe and £150 rest of the world. While every care is taken to provide accurate information, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors or ommisions, no matter how caused. All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior consent of the publisher. The views of contributors do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. Copyright: DFA MEDIA LTD 2020. O ver the last couple of months, Aftermarket has made its online output a priority. In a fast-moving situation, you need to know what is happening now, well, now. Not in three weeks when the next issue hits your doormat. The magazine is still the centre of everything we do however, so you get the distillation of everything that happened in the previous month in your hands. There are some things that fall a bit between the cracks sometimes, which is a real shame. It’s always been that way. Take this year’s Hatson4Ben, which coincided with Mental Health Week, for example. It was announced and took place exactly between our June and July/August issues, so we were not able to cover it in either one! While the direct impact of COVID-19 can be seen in the health of those who catch it, and via the lockdown and all the efforts to keep it at bay, there will be a mental health cost to all this. At the moment we may not see it, but it may become more apparent later. Aftermarket did its bit, donning headgear, to highlight what goes on in the gears of your head. You want to make sure to keep those gears properly maintained, and seek help if they start to spark and grind. Ben can help with this. And so, onto the issue. As you would imagine, our Coronavirus-related coverage continues to roll, with the focus now largely shifting towards opening up the sector fully again. You can read our round-up on pages 42-45. We are also continuing to speak to businesses to see how they are adapting to the situation. That’s in Big Issue on pages 8-10. Going more broadly business, we have the second part of Andy Savva’s look at business planning on pages 14-16, while on pages 20-21, Kalimex’ retained marketeer and international #1 bestselling business author, Dee Blick is offering up some genius marketing tips. We also have some thoughts from TechMan on the importance of using any time you have gained to work on your business. That is on pages 12-13. On the technical front, we have Kalimex again with MD Mike Schlup on pages 28-29 discussing the benefits of Quiksteel. We also have our resident genius Frank Massey, with the second part of his look at combustion. That can be found on pages 22-23. Speaking of genius, Top Technician 2019 winner Neil Currie is back on pages 26-27 with a look at the importance of desk diagnostics. Don’t miss it! In a month that has seen Euro Car Parts fully absorb the remaining Andrew Page outlets, and rebrand as LKQ Euro Car Parts, we have an interview with CEO Andy Hamilton. To find out the newly-monikered company’s plans for the future, turn to pages 18-19. If that’s still not enough for you, we also have features on brakes, oils and lubes, and the MOT. There is also a surprise focus on batteries, as while it is not ‘the season’, events have taken their own course. Like they always do. Lastly, don’t forget that this is the July/August DOUBLE ISSUE, and that the next mag will be hitting your doorstep in September. If you want us over the summer, you’ll find us at www.aftermarketonline.net and on Twitter as @Aftermarket01 and on Facebook.