SEPTEMBER 2020 AFTERMARKET 35 Above: The REPEXPERT app now has Schaeffler’s DMF CheckPoint app fully integrated within it “As garages reopen after lockdown, it’s essential that they can get through a backlog of demand from their customers as efficiently as possible, with no compromise to the quality of service – all while adhering to social distancing guidelines. “This is where technology has a big role to play, by giving technicians access to the latest resources and vehicle data wherever they are in the workshop, while integrating core systems and processes, including parts ordering, work authorisation and invoicing.” Available Explaining how LKQ Euro Car Parts is looking to help garages, Colin said: “A free 12-month subscription to HaynesPro is currently available to garages that have an account with LKQ Euro Car Parts, which gives their technicians mobile access to essential repair and maintenance data, alongside guided diagnostics and technical support. With all the latest information at their fingertips, this means they can operate autonomously and efficiently, and always to a high standard. “LKQ Euro Car Parts’ garage customers can also sign up for a free 12-month subscription to VIEWMECH, to help them with a successful reopening post-lockdown. The subscription is worth £599, and enables garages to send their customers video footage of any work required to their vehicles, with the option to add a quote and accompanying note for any repair work. As well as supporting faster work authorisation, this solution helps to maintain social distancing while aiding customer retention, referrals and work conversions through top quality, transparent service.” There is more though, as Colin explained: “The Technical Helpline and Online Vehicle Troubleshooting services from LKQ Euro Car Parts’ AutoEducation Academy are also now available to garages on a free, two- month trial basis. Easy to access online or by phone, both services are IMI-accredited and provide repair and diagnostic assistance on all vehicle makes and models. Garages that sign up can access repair manuals, circuit diagrams, parts catalogues, component locations, real OEM portals, Master Technicians at the end of the phone, and more. Not only can they solve problems, faster; technicians can also be more self- sufficient on the job which helps with social distancing. And the outcome for the business? More time spent in the workshop can be billed to customers, delivering long-term benefits in terms of both revenue generation and the enhanced technical knowledge of the team.” CarSys Meanwhile, LKQ Euro Car Parts has also introduced a new, cloud-based version of its garage management software (GMS), CarSys. The system is accessed through the CarSys website and supported by a mobile app. For a monthly £49.99 subscription, garages gain access for an unlimited number of users. Anthony McAteer, Trading Director SMR at LKQ Euro Car Parts commented: “Software like CarSys is key to the future of the aftermarket and will help independents compete with the dealerships, by ensuring they operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. “The CarSys cloud-based platform comes loaded with all the information technicians need to make decisions and carry out work. To give an example, drivers can benefit from real-time pricing based on Haynes Pro data, which means they don’t need to ring round multiple garages for quotes, and which gives our garage customers a greater chance of securing a sale first time.” Anthony continued: “This has been a challenging few months for many garages, but the good news is that now restrictions are being relaxed, there’s a backlog of vehicles waiting to come through the workshop doors. Of those that were due, just 20% of MOTs were completed in March this year, and 23% in April, which means we expect demand to be as much as three times normal levels over the next few months.” He added: “Using CarSys to organise their day-to-day business will help garages capitalise on this pent-up demand, and maximise revenue for the rest of the year and beyond – delivering a top-quality service to customers old and new.” Support Many suppliers offer a range of digital tools for garages. Commenting on how the REPXPERT online platform can help technicians, Schaeffler Marketing Communications Manager Jeff Earl said: “It is chock full of Schaeffler product and system information, technical bulletins, training videos and installation guides. Everything is completely free for members, including access to the TecDoc catalogue and TecRMI technical library. “Members can also redeem the bonus points found inside every Schaeffler product box for an even more diverse range of content, such as P-codes, service schedules, diagnostics, steering geometries and torque values for non-Schaeffler- related systems. Points can also be spent in the bonus shop, which has a range of workshop tools, clothing and accessories. “Members also receive regular e- newsletters, updating them on the latest news from the original