equipment manufacturer and supplier – whether that be focused on the LuK, INA, FAG brands or REPXPERT itself.” Jeff added: “It is an invaluable platform for professional technicians that want to stay ahead of the game, learning about new and future technologies, and protecting their long-term future as an independent workshop.” Apps REPEXPERT is moving with the times as well. Jeff commented: “It continues to evolve, and members can now access many popular features, as well as some new ones, from their mobile devices using the REPXPERT app. “The REPXPERT app has already been downloaded more than 2,000 times and is available, free-of-charge, from the relevant iOS and Android app stores.For more information, visit “Users can search for vehicles by application or by registration number, or for specific parts by OE, competitor and Schaeffler references. You can even scan the barcode on any Schaeffler carton to see all of the application, product and service information available for the parts inside.” Jeff added: “The DMF CheckPoint app, useful for those regularly replacing modern clutch systems, has also been fully integrated into the app, along with contact details and background information about Schaeffler the company.” Avia Sports Cars’ Hayley Pells commented on how she and her colleagues have used the app: “Using the REPXPERT app has been a huge benefit to Avia. Enabling our technicians to access technical information from their own device has reduced the need for sharing a PC in the workshop, where it is simply is not feasible to have a station for each technician. The benefit of the barcode scanning aspect of the app ensures that the correct information is always displayed, no more selecting sub models!” Million-style Sometimes, size does matter. According to Bosch, one in three independent garages across Europe uses its ESI[tronic] workshop software for multi-brand diagnosis, with more than 200 000 active users across the world. The number of life use cases/vehicle combinations available to users via the experience-based repair (EBR) function recently passed the one million mark, and to celebrate Bosch is enabling workshops access to additional content of ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online free of charge until 31 December. Commenting on the commemorative offer, a spokesman for Bosch said: “This will allow workshops to experience the advantages of ESI[tronic] Online and our EBR –known fixes online database. There will be no changes to current subscription and no additional fees. The additional online content will automatically disappear at the end of the year. “During this time workshops will have access to more than 30,000 schematic diagrams for over 900,000 vehicle combinations, more than 16,000 troubleshooting instructions for more than 347,000 vehicles covered. Lastly, they will of course be able to access more than one million use cases/vehicle combinations and fixes within Experience-based repair (EBR) function.” Going into more detail about the EBR function, Bosch’s spokesman said: “It delivers quick and uncomplicated solutions for known errors from workshop practice, compiled by the experienced Bosch team of authors. “In addition to proven sources such as the service hotline, Bosch uses a special algorithm that searches Internet forums for relevant errors and repair tips from everyday workshop life. This algorithm has been specially developed by Bosch for EBR. The Bosch team of experts then validates the data according to the high Bosch quality standards. EBR enables technicians to identify system-related errors as well as noise complaints that are not covered by the software diagnosis meaning faults can be quickly and efficiently assessed and rectified. “Another advantage for EBR customers is that the structure is always the same. The consistent structure, consisting of Complaints, Framework, Possible causes and Remedy, ensures that users can find their way around quickly. A further advantage is that the free text search is possible for error codes, symptoms and even components.” Bosch’s spokesman added: “The feedback function at the end of each repair instruction makes it possible to evaluate the experience-based repair using likes and comments. It is particularly helpful that the cases with the most Likes are listed at the top. Thus, the cases that are considered most helpful by the users as well as those that occur most frequently are highlighted.” 36 AFTERMARKET SEPTEMBER 2020 ONLINE TOOLS AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Above: John Bean V2280 wheel aligner