October 2020

The No.1 magazine for automotive information OCTOBER 2020 www. a f t e r m a r k e t o n l i n e . n e t INSIDE The best coaching essentials P14 The Garage Inspector, Andy Savva goes over top techniques to support your team’s development More non-intrusive diagnostics P20 Frank Massey is back with more ways for you to get the answers you are looking for when working on a vehicle The power of the software update P22 Karl Weaver is looking at the importance of staying on top of software updates, and how this can help you on a daily basis TOP GARAGE LATEST: PAGE 30 mocktnkgn L)KU(sgulPkrapSKGN _ktnkgn/moc.margatsni ebuTuoKUKGN rapskgn/moc.koobecaf Y dt ku kusgulpk . B VELCXO OT EB rEve y time yo OPRE 1 NRAE APERP u fit any NTK STNI 000, DER Lambda . KTN .srosnesenigneni1.oNs’dlrowehtotnrutotemit ehts’woN. snoissimessecxe oteudenolarebotcOniTOMriehtliaflliw selcihev000,041 revotahtdetamitses’tigolkcab91-DIVOCehtoteu , r c p EGT or NOx sensor this Se tember and O tobe . D