July/August 2021

44 AFTERMARKET JULY/AUGUST 2021 OIL AND LUBRICANTS www.aftermarketonline.net Upselling Putting EVs and hybrids to one side for a moment, in the current situation, garages will be keen to make as much money as they can to fill the shortfall created by the pandemic and the seasonal shift engendered by the MOT exemption. Fortunately, according to Harry Hartkorn, Head of Application Technology at LIQUI MOLY, an oil change can be turned into a lucrative transaction: “Because it is such a routine operation, it is easy to overlook the possibilities for additional sales that an oil change offers on a day-to-day basis. After all, it not only generates regular trade, it offers upselling opportunities, too. The more it is adapted to customer needs, the more successful it can be. LIQUI MOLY additives offer a wide range of options for additional trade with a high profit margin. One example is to offer a thorough cleaning of the oil circuit before the actual oil change, or to use a chemical brush that removes deposits from the injectors to restore the original performance and fuel consumption. It’s crucial that any additional services should make sense from the technical point of view, be explained to the customer and also fit their budget, the better the garage is able to do this, the more turnover it will generate and the more satisfied its customers will be.” Suitable An oil change may well be a routine affair, but it is still vital to ensure the correct oil is used. “Using the wrong oil is like installing the wrong replacement part,” observed Harry. “The result might be that ‘only’ the exhaust gas aftertreatment system is damaged – or the entire engine may be destroyed. A look at LIQUI MOLY’s oil guide at www.LIQUI-MOLY.com helps ensure no mistakes are made here. Simply enter the registration number or select the make, model and engine for a list of suitable engine oils. This will help the workshop avoid embarrassing complaints.” He added: “LIQUI MOLY provides the Oil Cabinet to enable the different types of oil to be stored safely and cleanly, It can hold two 60-litre drums and eight 20-litre canisters. The latter are stored horizontally in the Oil Cabinet so that the required quantity can be dispensed conveniently. If there is any spill, this is caught by the integrated spill pan. The Oil Cabinet can also be locked to prevent oil from being removed.” Peak performance According to Colin Cottrell, Marketing Director at LKQ Euro Car Parts, the range of systems designed to help drivers makes regular oil changes even more crucial: “Oils and lubricants are critical to ensure vehicles can maintain peak performance and function, and are responsible for ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly. As cars and vans become increasingly sophisticated, so to do their fluid requirements, meaning it’s critical that garages understand which lubricants and liquids are needed to service any vehicle that comes through their workshop doors. “Functions such as intelligent adaptive cruise control and traffic-jam assist in automatic cars, for example, allow them to drive semi-automatically through a range of speeds, but only if the correct fluids are used in their transmission systems. Failing to change the fluid on time and with the right product risks causing damage to the vehicle, which can lead it to malfunction. LKQ Euro Car Parts offers the OEM-approved MPM gear and engine oil ranges, which cover more than 99% of automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes. Our MPM gear oil range includes more than 40 different fluids, with pack sizes ranging from one to 20 litres, making it possible for garages to use the right product in every car without tying up capital or losing space to excess stock. Similarly, our MPM engine oil range includes more than 35 different options, and is proven to significantly increase miles per gallon, enhance motor efficiency and environmental performance, and minimize engine wear. By using products from the OE-approved MPM range, garages are helping to ensure that their customers’ vehicles perform at their best throughout their lifetimes – delivering benefits in terms of driver experience, fuel economy, engine preservation and environmental impact.” Colin added: “Technicians should be checking their customers’ gear oil and transmission fluid regularly, and explaining why it needs changing when it’s due. Not only will this ensure customers drive away with a vehicle that’s in good working order and support the garage’s reputation; it will also help garages to bring in more revenue.” One thing is for sure, you’re not stuck for choice when it comes to oils and selecting the correct one is becoming Above: Oil from LIQUI MOLY Left: Motul HYBRID 0W16