Aftermarket May 2022

O n the vital role additives can play, Dan Morgan, Director of Sales and Operations at Lucas Oil Products (UK) said: “Problem- solving additives can be used to provide more solutions to a wider range of mechanical issues. At Lucas Oil, individual component protection is seen as an initial step during the complete preventive maintenance process. Lubrication is the cornerstone of component protection as far as the engine is concerned, but system repair and the extension of component life should also be seen as realistic and attainable goals for professional users of engine additives.” Practical and economic benefits The company has been looking to spread the word, as Dan explained: “These are precisely the kind of messages that will be broadcast to a new generation of automotive engineering students who are about to attend a new series of seminars at the U.S oil and additive manufacturer’s Lucas Oil Academy (LOA). The LOA is a product of a working relationship with Coleg Menai, a further education college based in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales. This local training establishment has more than 1,000 students involved in a range of engineering related programmes that cover different levels of passenger car and truck maintenance. The seminars resumed at the end of April, after a temporary break caused by the pandemic.” Dan continued: “Our aim is to make a new generation of repair professionals aware that increased additive use can be seen to produce practical and economic benefits around the workplace and on our roads. Our LOA syllabus is designed to demonstrate that the use of appropriate fuel and engine additives means can increase engine efficiency and performance. We also aim to show that parts do not 46 AFTERMARKET MAY 2022 ADDITIVES AND CLEANERS With vehicles under-used for a year and money tight all over, additives and cleaners could provide a host of benefits always have to be replaced as soon as their performance begins to wane. “The implication is that additives should be seen as essential toolbox accessories. For example, fuel additives like this manufacturer’s Upper Cylinder Lubricant and its Deep Cleaner options specific to petrol and diesel engines, are regularly used to improve MPG, but the cleaning process increases fuel efficiency and reduces engine emissions. “Lucas Oil it is also anticipating questions about the way its Safeguard Ethanol product can be used to protect fuel pipes and seals in many older vehicles from damage caused by more modern E10 fuels that contain higher levels of ethanol.” On how additives and cleaners can help in a business sense, Dan added: “As the wider community becomes more aware of the dangers caused by increasing traffic fumes and declining air quality, the environmentally friendly benefits arising from increased use of carefully selected additives have become attractive marketing options for garage owners.” Smooth running Mike Schlup, MD of Kalimex the UK distributors for K-Seal and the JLM Lubricants’ range of professional additives for the trade, observed: “Additives have always played an important part in vehicle maintenance but with the worsening economic situation they’re set to become even more so. With motorists feeling the pinch on their finances they’re looking to make cuts in the household budget. Whilst the smooth running of the family car is important, routine servicing may become a casualty. But as we all know, this is a false economy. However, motor factors and workshops can help keep servicing and repair bills under ADDITION ALWAYS MEANS AN INCREASE Above: Motul Fuel System Clean in action