BFPA Yearbook 2018

SHELL LUBRICANTS TOGETHER ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FROM REDUCING WEAR TO EXPANDING HORIZONS SHELL TELLUS S2 MX MAKES IT POSSIBLE Innovation for outstanding equipment protection. With higher loads on pumps, protecting equipment is paramount. The new Shell Tellus S2 MX offers better wear protection 1 , higher load carrying capacity 2 and a TOST life of 5,000 hours 3 . Meeting the new Bosch Rexroth Fluid Rating List 4 , it is a dependable benchmark. Meaning your equipment can run longer 5 and you can worry less. 1 Compared to the OEM wear test Eaton 35VQ25 (E-FDGN-TB002-E) limit. 2 Compared to FZG test (ISO 14635-1) by achieving FLS 11 at ISO VG 32, and FLS 12 for ISO VG 46 and 68. The limit for industry is10. 3 Compared using TOST and RPVOT tests limit. 4 New Bosh Rexroth Fluid Rating List RDE 90245 increase stress factor by 13 times compared with legacy pump which is the Eaton 35Q25 test, widely recognised as a typical mainstream hydraulic fluid qualification. 5 Compared to Shell Tellus S2 M.