October 2017

DRIVES & CONTROLS www.drivesncontrols.com OCTOBER 2017 Drives & Controls OCTOBER 2017 www.drivesncontrols.com THE LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AUTOMATION, POWER TRANSMISSION AND MOTION CONTROL A better tomorrow is driven by drives Wherever you are, whatever your end-use application, we are there to champion your cause across a wide range of industries. We offer world-class expert services, and quality, application-optimized AC drives solutions that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. For more competitive edge, visit drives.danfoss.co.uk Are you ready? 5bn people worldwide will benefit daily from Danfoss Drives by 2025. INSIDE MACHINE BUILDING: Technical advice and examples of the machine-builder’s art WATER INDUSTRY: Tackling sewage flooding, blocked pumps and ageing sewers FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Automation applications from barley stirring to punnet packing