November/December 2017

59 November/December 2017 MULTIMEDIA Yaskawa has released two free apps for Android devices, one of which is used to set up, monitor and diagnose its GA700 drives, while the other provides manuals for the drives. The apps connect to the drive via Bluetooth or USB and can be used offline without an Internet connection. The DriveWizard Mobile app allows you to operate a drive, edit its parameters, and monitor its performance in real-time. It supports auto-tuning and provides alarm/fault descriptions and counter- measures. It includes a search function for parameters, faults and alarms. The Yaskawa Manual app provides an offline manual for the GA700 drives. Yaskawa plans to add more as new drives are released. A search function helps to find relevant topics which can be bookmarked. Users can add notes to any content. The apps are available fromGoogle Play or by scanning the QR code above. iOS versions are planned for next year. Linear motion parts can be sized and selected ‘in minutes’ Thomson Industries has enhanced its Linear Motioneering product sizing and selection tool for linear motion systems, cutting the time for component selection from hours to typically less than 15 minutes. New product families, interactive navigation and mobile access have been added. The upgraded selection capabilities can be used to specify linear motion systems such as ballscrew-driven, ball-guided systems, or belt- driven, slide-guided systems. As a user enters parameters, the system recalculates in real time, instantly revealing how each choice impacts their available options. This allows them to make unlimited changes without needing to change screens. Once satisfied, the user accepts the choice and receives the complete BOM. Updated site is a reference for chains and their accessories Tsubakimoto Europe has launched aWeb site to inform and support its end-users, and to act as point of reference for its chains and accessories. The site contains sections for each industry it serves, and the main applications within them. The technical information is supported by real-world case studies. The result is an extensive, interactive knowledge base, supported by graphics and photos. Tsubaki catalogues and flyers can be downloaded. Online store simplifies the ordering of pneumatic parts The pneumatic component supplier Camozzi UK has re-launched its online store, making it more user-friendly. The overhaul is aimed at enhancing and simplifying the ordering process. Withmore than 8,000 parts available, a powerful tool simplifies the search process. Account-holders can access their own pricing and discount structures, which are applied automatically to their orders. DESIGN DATA ABB has produced a White Paper that examines how new developments in drive-based functional safety are helping to protect people, machines and ecosystems better. The aim is to help make machine safety – especially drive-based functional safety – easier for machine safety professionals. The Paper is divided into three sections. The first covers the new possibilities that integrated drive- based functional safety brings to machines and applications. The second part discusses the regulatory requirements (such as the Machinery Directive, harmonised standards and national laws) that must be fulfilled when implementing functional machine safety. And the third presents examples of using ABB’s low-voltage AC drive-based functional safety with other safety devices. National Instruments has released its NI Trend Watch 2018 report which examines current technological advances and challenges. Topics explored in the publication include: how is machine learning addressing the problems of big data?; howmanaging the proliferation of smart and connected“things”in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an overlooked challenge; how the trend to electrify vehicles is placing demands on the supporting infrastructure; how 5G needs a different approach to testing than previous wireless technologies, and how this is going to disrupt test processes; and howMoore’s law, despite being accurate for more than 50 years, is facing challenges that could affect the future of semiconductors. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the organisation that is accelerating adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has published the first results of its testbed program. The testbeds provide platforms for IIC members to think through innovations, test new applications, processes, products, services and business models, to ascertain their usefulness and viability before taking them to market. They “provide a feedback loop from concept to reality, and back to innovation,” said IIC executive director, Dr Richard Soley. The ten-page PDF report, Why We Build Testbeds: First Results , covers results from the IIC’s first seven testbed projects, covering topics such as TSN (time-sensitive networking), manufacturing quality management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, and smart factory webs. It can be downloaded from the IIC’s Web site. The motion and precision positioning systems expert PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a catalogue covering its capabilities in engineered motion and automation systems for high-tech industries such as photonics, semiconductors and medical engineering. PI offers thousands of standard products ranging from electromagnetic and piezoceramic motors, digital and analogue controllers, serial and parallel kinematic motion systems, capacitive, inductive and optical nano-precision sensors, to guiding systems that include magnetic levitation and air bearings. Free app lets you set up and monitor drives in real time