April 2019

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: How Instagram is changing food and bev production CONVEYORS ANDMATERIALS-HANDLING: Delivering food to fish and automated loading of trucks MACHINEVISION: How cameras are helping to pack mozzarella cheese Drives & Controls rives & Co t ls APRIL 2019 www.drivesncontrols.com THE LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AUTOMATION, POWER TRANSMISSION AND MOTION CONTROL INSIDE DRIVES & CONTROLS www.drivesncontrols.com APRIL 2019 ɞ! 'Ɉ žPÎ 0mEPm00—PmE 'Pž!P”dPm0ž 0d0!¨—P! d ! ' žwd®¨Pwmž ¨L ¨ l b0 Ïw®— `w 0 žP0— ȎȐɉȋȋȋ ®ž0—ž ȍȔ Ï0 —ž wD 0Δ0—P0m!0 Ȍȓ !w®m¨—P0ž wDD0— ɞ! ' žwd®¨Pwmž