May 2019

For the complete picture go to: AB19-1161_DC GA500 Variable Speed Drives... simplify complex technologies The GA500 drive comes with valuable functions and smart features to provide benefits through the whole life cycle of a machine or installation. From drive selection, through design, installation, start up or troubleshooting, the GA500 makes life easy. Take a closer look and discover the limitless possibilities. Incredibly Reliable, Easy to use, Powerful and Adaptable. ● Run any motor type from 0.2 to 30Kw ● Integrated EMC filters ● Embedded Dual Channel Safety (STO SIL3/PLe) ● One field-bus card to network five drives ● Meets all global standards ● Safe, convenient set-up and monitoring, with apps for your mobile devices. YASKAWA Search for on Contact YASKAWA UK Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1295 272755 Make Life Easier GA500 AC Microdrives for Industrial Applications