November/December 2019

SOFT STARTERS ADXL... SERIES • two phase control • IEC rated starter currente Ie 30...320A • IEC rated motor power 18,5...200kW (500VAC) • rated operational voltage 208...600VAC • reduced voltage starter with torque control and built-in bypass relay • maximum starting current • optical port for programming, data downloads and diagnostics • NFC technology for parameter programming • remote control via supervision software • Modbus-ASCII and Modbus-RTU communication protocols • RS485 communication with optional card • quick installation with AUTO SETUP. Te l : 01384 899700 • Fax : 01384 891654 • sa l es@lova • www. lova AVAILABLE WITH AC OR DC COILS ELECTROMECHANICAL AND SOLID STATE VERSIONS SOCKET BASES WITH SCREW OR SPRING CLAMP TERMINALS VERSIONS WITH LED STATUS INDICATION AND MECHANICAL ACTUATOR RANGE OF BUSBARS, NOISE FILTERS AND ACCESSORIES HR SERIES RELAYS