February 2020

— Take a closer look... ABB Energy Snapshot To book yours today, visit www.abb.co.uk/energy What is the ABB Energy Snapshot? An industrial facility can have hundreds of motor-driven applications . In half a day , an ABB Energy Snapshot identifies the applications that offer the greatest opportunity to cut energy use in the shortest possible time. An action plan is then provided to turn those potential savings into actual savings . One snapshot, three perspectives Purchasing decisions aren’t always just made by one person, which is why the Energy Snapshot generates three bespoke reports for each stakeholder in the decision-making process. Outlining the scope An ABB-certified engineer visits your facility and identifies up to five applications that are wasting the most energy. Monitoring and data collection Motor information and process details are gathered for data analysis. Typical applications include pumps, fans and compressors. Data analysis Findings are analysed to estimate current energy use, and calculate potential savings and payback times. Recommendations An action plan is prepared, with tailored reports provided to key personnel with the information they need to realise potential savings. Installation (optional) Installation can be arranged by an ABB-approved engineer. Verification and follow up (optional) Actual energy performance is tracked to allow predicted and actual savings to be compared. 1 2 3 4 5 6 £ 6 steps towards cutting your energy bills Maintenance engineer Finance manager £ Energy manager