October 2020

MACHINE BUILDING: Examples of the machine-builder’s art from labs to trains PRECISION ENGINEERING ANDMOTION CONTROL: Brushless motors head for Mars, and applying PWM controls WATER INDUSTRY: Using digital twins to develop new concepts for water use Drives & Controls rives & Co t ols OCTOBER 2020 www.drivesncontrols.com THE LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AUTOMATION, POWER TRANSMISSION AND MOTION CONTROL INSIDE DRIVES & CONTROLS www.drivesncontrols.com OCTOBER 2020 wemitpu zimiaxM AetiS evirD nteicffie hti onitucdopre tnemssess ®orP tneme anag mtesas egarveoc tseng los’yrtsundI ynt raraw sra ye6 p to u oe tur ciparelc C Arouyllao u os yedivorp r . Derutue fht esad bellatsni ahr teisas e t i I f e tur ufdannerurc t ang eri ivl de ,serivd y evrud seliate h a d itw tnemssesse A it ® SorPevi r o ald pns aevirC d f A o ruoe ygana o m r tevn e n f f omc.ssofnda.orpevid r A.856.A1.02_182x190 DKDD.P e Assess Sit er t v urn o T .derevco e cnanetniam tmen ee our fr o claim y e r’uomlay cat . Ssdeen . Y