Drives & Controls Magazine November/December 2022

x 3 x 3 EASY BRANCH POWER MONITORING SYSTEM / PLUG & PLAY System components POWER ANALYZERS DMG7500, DMG8000, DMG9000 The power analyzer represents the heart of the system: it measures the power in the switchboard and the total measurements upstream of the distribution and each individual monitored load is available on the display. BUS MODULE EXS0000 By using a standard Ethernet cable it connects and supplies up to 8 individual EXS4000 current measuring modules and means it is now possible to monitor up to 33 three-phase loads, 99 single phase loads through a single power analyzer. CURRENT MEASURING MODULE EXS4001 It offers the possibility of connecting monitored measuring points with traditional current transformers within the EASY BRANCH system, each module handles a mix of up to 2 three-phase loads or 6 single-phase loads. TRADITIONAL CURRENT TRANSFORMERS DM... Current transformers (CTs) type DM... are available up to 4000A and are compatible with EXS4001 current measuring modules. They are available in solid core type, high precision versions, split-core and pre-wired. CURRENT MEASURING MODULE EXS4000 The module collects the measurements of the loads monitored by the electronic current transformers EXS3... Each module measures a mix of up to 4 three-phase loads or 12 single-phase loads. ELECTRONIC CURRENT TRANSFORMERS EXS1... E EXS3... Available for single-phase or three-phase loads, the diameter and pitch of the pass-through holes have been designed to be in line with the ones of the MCBs. They connect to the EXS4000 current monitoring module via a pre-wired RJ45 cable, thus making the connection both fast and fail-safe. t: 01384 899700 e: