Drives & Controls Magazine November/December 2022

Name: Company Name: Address: Post Code: Tel: Total Number of Copies @ £ p+p Total £ Drives S & S Hyd H/B Pne H/B Ind Mot Comp H/B H/B Air QUANTITY QUANTITY Hydraulics & Pneumatics There are now 6 of these handy reference books from the publishers of the Drives & Controls and Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazines. Published in an easily readable style and designed to help answer basic questions and everyday problems without the need to refer to weighty textbooks. We believe you’ll find them invaluable items to have within arms reach. From the publishers of QUANTITY QUANTITY QUANTITY 2-5 copies £4.30, 6-20 copies £4.10, 20+ copies £3.75. QUANTITY PRACTICAL ENGINEER’S HANDBOOKS HYDRAULICS INDUSTRIAL MOTORS SERVOS AND STEPPERS PNEUMATICS COMPRESSED AIR INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC DRIVES PLEASE ALLOW UPTO 28 DAYS FOR DELIVERY $&! -!.5&!#452).' -%$)! ,4$ 4HE (IGH 3TREET 4ONBRIDGE +ENT 4. "% Postage and Packaging: 1-3 copies: £2.99 4-6 copies: £4.99 7 or more copies: £6.99 If you would like to obtain additional copies of the handbooks, please email or call us on 01732 370340.Alternatively you can return the completed form below to: Engineers Handbook, DFA MANUFACTURING MEDIA LTD, 192 The High Street,Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1BE #HEQUES SHOULD BEMADE PAYABLE TO $&! -ANUFACTURING -EDIA ,TD AND CROSSED ! # 0AYEE #OPIES OF THE HANDBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE AT a PER COPY $ISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR MULTIPLE COPIES n SAFETY to PL e, but also has the flexibility to adapt to future requirements. In the AMRC application, the module is connected to the Beckhoff EtherCat platform and IPCs. “Firstly, the EtherCat connectivity meant that connecting the Euchner device would be a simple, one-cable job,” Rutter recalls. “But Euchner has managed to create an impressively modular, and reconfigurable, safety platform where the safety products can be daisy-chained within fairly generous limits. So, while our implementation currently uses an interlock with an e-stop and three-button input module, the future expansion opportunities mean we are future-proofed as we carry out research into reconfigurable manufacturing.” The bus module coordinates all the safety, non-safety and diagnostic communications signals between the fieldbus system and modular gate system components. These are connected to the bus module directly or via M12 cables, with the modular connection technology able to operate up to six locking modules on one bus module for communicating both safety and control signals. Besides needing fewer devices, this also reduces on-machine cabling, cuts installation time and downtime, and reduces the need for PLC I/Os, saving on costly failsafe PLC capacity in the control system. Other benefits include comprehensive diagnostic information in the form of EtherCat messages and an integrated Web server that provide a rapid, detailed overview of device status without needing specialist software or programming knowledge. Simple parameter assignment means that even replacing systems during servicing is an easy task that takes only a few minutes. “The benefit of having the MGB2 with the MBM module integrated is that all operator interactions with the interlock can be programmed over the EtherCat network, so rather than having them all hard-wired back to the IPC, they all sit on the multifunctional gate box so you can see the status of the system in an instant,” Rutter reports. n Euchner’s MGB2 modular multifunctional gate box and MSM EtherCat P bus modules are helping to provide safety functions for the AMRC cell