Drives & Controls Magazine November/December 2022

47 November/December 2022 NEW PRODUCTS n SensoPart has released a vision sensor with built-in UV illumination which can highlight markings, inscriptions and codes that are invisible to the human eye. The Visor UV sensor can show lacquers, chalks and adhesives enriched with luminescent substances (luminophores). In automation applications, it can evaluate hidden items on objects such as quality test markings, screws sealed with luminescent paint, invisible adhesive beads, or data matrix codes for product identification. Parker Hannifin’s Electronic Motion & Controls (EMC) division has released a CAN gateway module that uses Bluetooth wireless technology for IQAN system diagnostics on-site or remotely. The IQAN-G12 offers up to four times faster download speeds, an increased range (30m), and greater security than its predecessor, the IQAN-G11, making it easier, quicker and more cost- effective to access machines in the field. Security is enhanced by supporting pairing between the gateway and the Bluetooth device to which it connects. bluetooth-communication- adapter-iqan-g12 Portescap has introduced amagnetic encoder for its brushless DCmotors. The newM-Sense22 encoder pairs well with the company’s brushless slotless motors with diameters from22-40mm. A built-in RS-422 line driver delivers an accuracy up to 1.5 degrees, and offers a resolution of up to 1,024 lines.The encoder can provide both incremental and absolute feedback, even at input speeds of up to 200,000 rpm. Megger has released a digital low-resistance ohmmeter said to deliver dependable results even when high levels of electrical noise are present. The rugged, handheld DLRO2X meter is also protected against electrical abuse such as being connected accidentally to live circuits. There are four test modes – normal, fast/long lead, inductive resistance, and a new noise rejection test mode. In the normal mode, users can set a maximum test current up to 2A and choose unidirectional or bidirectional testing. The measuring range is 1Ω–2kΩ. In the fast/long lead mode, the maximum test current is 1A, and measurements are shown in mΩ. In the inductive resistance mode, the test current is a maximum of 1A and, to save time, the test ends automatically when the current stabilises. In the noise rejection mode, the maximum test current is 1A, and is applied continuously to allow a stream of measurements to be fed into a“confidence meter”, which allows the instrument to provide accurate measurements when subjected to high levels of random noise. Test results can be saved internally for later downloading via a USB memory stick. A built- in “difference meter” function allows rapid comparisons between measurements. Megger 01304 502 101 Teledyne Flir has launched a portable thermal camera for condition monitoring in hazardous environments. The Flir Cx5 has a rugged Atex- compliant case, which allows it to be used to monitor electrical or mechanical assets safely in hot working zones. The 160 x 120-pixel camera is mounted in a rugged case with shock absorbers. The lens is protected by a germanium window with an anti-reflective coating. The 3.5-inch colour touchscreen display is protected by armoured glass. A Flir Lepton thermal imaging sensor is combined with patented multi- spectral dynamic imaging technology, which adds visible scene details onto thermal images. This results in a crisp thermal image, enabling inspectors to pinpoint hidden problems instantly. The camera is compatible with Flir’s Ignite secure cloud storage, allowing users to upload, edit, organise and share their images. With all images and videos in one place, sharing data with team members and creating reports is said to be convenient and simple. Teledyne Flir Phoenix Contact has announced a range of terminal blocks with a lateral conductor connection. The PTVFIX monoblocks provide a single pass-through function. With two connection points, they allow space-saving assemblies that are pole-number-accurate. They are also suitable as flying leads. With the tongue-and-groove connections, the blocks align to form space-saving assemblies. In addition to adapters for DIN-rail and direct mounting, versions are available for adhesive mounting. The colour-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points ensures intuitive, safe installation. Each block has at least one test point for all common test probes. The individual plates are also available as fixed blocks, suitable for wiring several potentials in one block. Phoenix Contact 01952 681700 Thermal camera can monitor equipment in hazardous zones Space-saving terminal blocks have two connection points RDS is offering an IoT gateway system from AAEON that allows bidirectional data flows between IoT devices and sensors, and cloud-based computing and data processing systems. The SRG-TG01 gateway is based on 11th-generation Intel Core i7, i5, i3 and Celeron SoC processors, and provides three Ethernet wireless LAN ports (one 2.5Gbps and two 1.0Gbps) and expansion slots for wireless network communications including Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11, and 3G, 4G and 5G. The Microsoft-Azure-certified gateway protects data by implementing up-to-date security protocols and algorithms for data-in-transit encryption. A fan-less design minimises the risk of contamination by dust and particles. There are four USB 3.2 ports, one HDMI 2.0b, a two- channel CANbus interface, an eight-channel digital I/O, and RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial ports. Review Displays Systems 01959 563345 Gateway supports bidirectional flows between IoT devices and the cloud Multi-mode ohmmeter is unaffected by electrical noise