Drives & Controls Magazine May 2023

54 n NEW PRODUCTS May 2023 At the recent Hannover Messe, Beckhoff unveiled a range of compact EtherCat servomotor terminals that can also control electric cylinders and linear motors. The ELM72xx terminals can execute rotational movements with Beckhoff’s AM8100 servomotors, as well as linear movements with its AA3100 electric cylinders and AL8100 linear motors. The metal-housed drives can produce output currents up to 16A at 48V DC. They support Beckhoff’s One Cable Technology (OCT), and STO/SS1 and TwinSafe Logic safety functions, and provide absolute value interfaces. The drives can be used with the new AA3100 extra-low voltage (24–48V DC) electric cylinders, which can be used as direct drives for linear applications with high forces. They deliver almost the same forces as the existing AA3000 series, now also available for 48V applications. Two flange sizes offer peak forces of 2.65– 12kN and maximum speeds of 0.12–0.56m/s. The drives are also compatible with the new AL8100 modular linear motors, which offer dynamic performance in 50mm widths. Beckhoff Automation 01491 410539 Cognex has released a high-speed vision system that it claims is twice as fast as earlier systems, and can perform quality inspections in about a third of the time it takes for a human eye to blink. Designed for high-speed production lines, the In-Sight 3800 system offers tools such as AI (artificial intelligence) based edge learning technology, and traditional rule-based algorithms that can solve deterministic tasks with specific parameters. Easy-to-use edge learning tools solve tasks with high variability and can be set up in minutes using a handful of training images. The camera is powered by Cognex’s In-Sight Vision Suite software, which includes the point-and-click EasyBuilder interface that guides users stepby-step through the development process. A “robust” interface enables fine-tuning of job parameters for advanced or customised applications. Cognex 0121 296 5163 Rockwell Automation has announced an addition to its visualisation portfolio – a cloudenabled HMI (human-machine interface) platform that allows users to design, test and deploy applications from Web browsers anywhere, at any time. The FactoryTalk Optix platform is said to deliver new levels of collaboration, scalability and interoperability, and will help users to improve their processes, efficiency and deliverables. The platform has been designed to be flexible and to offer the following benefits: • Design Users can design and test projects in a modern, object-oriented programming environment. • Deployment Applications can be created once and deployed to any device. • Graphics Graphics can be styled for a global audience and provide a responsive experience. • Extensible Machine-tomachine and machine-to-cloud communications, enabled by OPC UA, MQTT, IOT native connectivity and an open C# interface, help to achieve openness and interoperability. FactoryTalk Optix is one of five core elements in Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Design Hub, which allows users to transform their automation design capabilities with a simpler, more productive way of working, powered by the cloud. Teams of all sizes, skills and locations can enhance collaboration, improve lifecycle management and have access to cloud-based software, while adhering to the latest security standards and IT best practices. The result is claimed to be increased productivity, faster time-to-market and systems that cost less to build and maintain. Rockwell Automation 0870 241 1803 en-gb HMS Networks has announced a second generation of its Anybus Wireless Bolt industrial Wi-Fi 5 access point (AP) and wireless distribution system (WDS) aimed at users wanting to avoid the high costs and inconvenience of cabled installations. The Wireless Bolt II is said to offer improved durability, security and performance, with faster speeds and higher throughput. The device can be configured as an AP to provide wireless access with increased operator safety. Alternatively, by using a pair of Wireless Bolt IIs, a wireless bridge can be set up for industrial Ethernet networks such as Profinet, Modbus TCP, and EtherNet/IP, replacing cables in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Using Wi-Fi 5 and MIMO antennas, the device offers fast, reliable wireless performance, improving connectivity and cutting data losses. It supports HTTPS and WPA3 security protocols, protecting against unauthorised access and data breaches. The robust enclosure is impact-resistant (prepared for IK10 and ATEX) and ingressprotected (certified for IP66, and prepared for IP69K). Setting up and configuring the Anybus Wireless Bolt II is said to be easy. It can be mounted onto cabinets and equipment without exposing any wires,. The device can be integrated into existing systems, saving time and effort compared to installing new cabling and/or infrastructure. HMS Networks Drive terminals can control both servo and linear motors Wireless access point avoids costs and inconvenience of cables Flexible cloud-based HMI platform is accessed via Web AI-based vision system is ‘twice as fast’