Drives & Controls Magazine May 2023

Siemens and MIT Technology Review have produced a report about the potential of the industrial metaverse that explores how it will help businesses and economies to become more efficient, resilient and sustainable. The free report, called Emergent Industrial Metaverse, compiles recent research and includes interviews with leading technologists, analysts, business leaders, and researchers. The industrial metaverse is a digital world that simulates real machines, factories, buildings and entire cities. The report explains how decision-makers can enable the metaverse and harness its potential. ABI Research predicts that the industrial metaverse will expand nearly ten-fold to be worth around $100bn by 2030. Tool guides users through configuration of multi- axis gantry systems HepcoMotion has announced a configuration tool for its HGS gantry systems, which supports users through all stages of the selection process and can configure multi-axis systems in minutes. An online meeting with Hepco’s technical department guides users through the selection process, followed by layout drawings, 3D CAD models, quotations and performance confirmation. The configurator calculates bearing, beam and end-stop requirements. Users receive a report including load calculations, assembly, commissioning and maintenance requirements. All required documentation can be provided for compliance with health and safety requirements and to support CE marking. App keeps you up-to-date with product news Engineers Insight – a business founded by automation and software engineers Thomas Flude and Corey Faulconbridge – has created an app to keep engineers up-to-date with new product releases and modifications via their mobile phones. The pair developed the app after experiencing difficulties trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology. Market research also revealed that users face problems when parts become obsolete or modified. The app, available for iOS or Android devices, also offers manufacturers a way of informing customers about new products. Guide helps to install compressed air systems The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) has launched a best practice guide for installing compressed air systems that helps users to cut energy consumption and ensure uptime, while meeting legislative requirements. The 274-page guide (BPG 101) provides information on specifying, procuring, installing and maintaining compressed air equipment. It is divided into chapters covering system assessment, equipment selection and design. Information is also provided on commissioning, legislation and standards. It can be downloaded as a PDF or ordered as a hard copy. 56 n NEW PRODUCTS May 2023 Delta Line has announced a range of low- and mediumvoltage servomotors in six frame sizes from 38–130mm square, with torque ratings from 0.16–14.3Nm. Each size of the IP65-protected motors is available in a LV version (optimised for 48V DC operation) and a MV version (for 220V AC operation). Encoder options include optical incremental, magnetic incremental, and magnetic absolute (single and multi-turn). Other options include brakes, customised windings, face mounts and keyways. Delta Line Servomotors come in LV and MV versions in six frame sizes n DESIGN DATA AND MULTIMEDIA How to harness the potential of the industrial metaverse Integrated motor simplifies conveyor controls and wiring Mclennan is offering a spacesaving smart DC motor from USbased Applied Motion Products (AMP) that that simplifies the design and building of conveyor systems. The CSM34 Conveyor Smart Motor is an integrated, gearless, decentralised drive that mounts directly on a conveyor, reducing wiring and removing the need for external motion control. Based on AMP’s StepServo technology, the motor combines the high torque of a stepper motor with the dynamics and precision of a servo. Mclennan says that its 20,000-hour life will outlast traditional AC induction motors or brushless motor/gearhead combinations. The motor is available in two Nema 34-frame stack lengths. The maximum torque output is up to 7.46Nm and the speed range is 0–2,000 rpm. There is an onboard push-button control panel, a fivesegment status display, and a spring-loaded terminal strip. Users can configure up to two motor speed settings and acceleration/deceleration values. A motion simulation/jog facility is also provided. The set parameters are then triggered via differential inputs at 5-24V DC. Mclennan 01252 531444 FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics has released a new version of its machine data monitoring platform, adding real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) functions for the first time. The cloud-based FourJaw 2.1 manufacturing analytics software uses plug-and-play hardware to capture the causes of machine downtime, giving manufacturers real-time visibility into the efficiency of their factory floors to drive process improvement. It can work with production machinery of any age, size or type, allowing both batch and production line manufacturers to make informed decisions to improve their production processes, and to raise productivity, capacity and profitability. FourJaw is planning to add energy-monitoring functions, allowing users to see how much energy each machine is using. igus has released 2,046 new macros for Eplan’s Electric P8 planning software, allowing users to visualise pre-assembled readycable cables, and to cut electrical design time by up to 50%. The cables are compatible not only with drive components from Siemens, SEW and Bosch Rexroth, but also with Rockwell, Beckhoff, B&R, Heidenhain and Fanuc. The new macros are free. You can select a preassembled cable for an e-chain in igus’ online shop. If an Eplan macro is available, it can be downloaded and used in planning software. eplan-smart-plastics