Drives & Controls Magazine September 2023

n TECHNOLOGY September 2023 20 PARKER HANNIFIN HAS announced two new series of mid-range AC drives for applications ranging from fan/pump and conveyor controls, to multi-drive production lines requiring speed-following and winder calculations. The new AC15 and AC20 drives fit between Parker’s existing AC10 and AC30 families. They provide functions such as onboard Web servers, SD card slots, a fire mode, two independent PID loops and multi-stage sequencing functions, but they avoid the extra cost of “system drive” functions that are not always needed. The AC15 series are compact, low-cost drives for open-loop motor control applications. They are backwards-compatible with the AC10 series and its predecessors, and offer Safe Torque Off to SIL2/PLd and Ethernet communications as standard. The drives are available in 230V single-phase, and 230V and 400V three-phase versions, with power ratings from 0.37–30kW. They have high I/O counts and configurable internal block diagrams, and support both induction and permanent magnet AC motors. The AC20 series adds more functions and spans power ratings from 1.5–180kW in 230V single-phase, and 230V and 400V threephase versions. The drives support both EtherNet/IP and Profinet IO communications via an onboard Ethernet port. Further fieldbus options are supported via a communications option slot. Expansion options include low-cost encoder speed feedback cards and I/O expansion cards. These cards can be fitted in either of two option slots, allowing closedloop motor control with simple speedfollowing, an open-loop drive with a high I/O count, or a combination of the two. The AC20 also adds an onboard display, winder functions and more than 100 programmable internal wiring connections. The new drives are programmed using Parker’s DSELite software, which uses intuitive block diagram programming, with each block representing a drive function. The blocks can be linked to one another using simple “wiring”. DSELite has been upgraded to allow programming and real-time online monitoring of applications via Ethernet when used with the new drives, and now includes an oscilloscope function with a data-logging facility. Two drives families promise power without cost and complexity ROCKWELL AUTOMATION has announced a range of distributed servodrives that it says will result in leaner, greener and more powerful machine designs. The scalable ArmorKinetix servodrives, with outputs up to 5.5kW, are available either as distributed drives or as integrated drive-motors. The new drives offer a simple architecture that mounts outside an electrical cabinet, allowing machines to be more modular, while reducing cabinet sizes, cabling and cooling requirements. They incorporate vibration and heat sensors that can detect potential machine issues before they can cause problems, thus increasing uptime and productivity. Rockwell product manager Jon Vanderpas says the drive is “special” because “it not only provides industryleading performance and precision to individual processes, but it also enables a more optimised way for people to design and operate automation equipment. This device is available in a wide power range that addresses the diverse needs of manufacturers across the industrial landscape.” The IP66-protected servodrives, which are an extension of Rockwell’s Kinetix 5700 platform, are claimed to offer “best-in-class” power density with minimal derating. They have integrated safety technology capable of achieving SIL 3 levels of safety, and offer CIP Security capabilities. Distributed servodrives will result in leaner, greener machines Rockwell says that its distributed servodrives will lower system costs, boost productivity and increase uptime. They are available with or without motors. Parker’s new AC15 drives are compact, low-cost devices for open-loop motor control applications