Drives & Controls Magazine September 2023

49 September 2023 NEW PRODUCTS n DESIGN DATA AND MULTIMEDIA n Phoenix Contact has announced a series of Gigabit Ethernet extenders that allow high-speed Ethernet to achieve a range of up to 1km over twowire or coaxial cables. Existing cables can still be used for the broadband Ethernet applications, allowing the extenders to be used to modernise existing network structures and cut costs. At speeds of 1 Gbps, ranges of up to 100m can be achieved on Ethernet cables specified for this purpose. The Gigabit Ethernet extenders offer Power over Link (PoL) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functions, allowing entire networks and connected PoE devices to be powered via the data line. This eliminates the need to mount power supplies on remote PoE devices, simplifying installation using plug-and-play. Remote stations, such as WLAN access points, door controls and gate controllers or access terminals, can be commissioned rapidly without having to install additional power supplies, batteries or other energy sources. Phoenix Contact 01952 681700 Rockwell Automation has published a report that looks at how the industrial sector can use datadriven technologies and insights to help accelerate the transition to net-zero. Called Five Key Operational Pathways to Accelerate Industrial Decarbonisation, the report highlights ways of reducing the ecological impact of businesses, while increasing production and maintaining profit margins. The pathways include energy efficiency, extending asset lifespans, optimising resources, responding faster to critical incidents, and reducing personnel in remote or sensitive locations. The report covers topics including efficiency, electrification, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage. Videos examine changes driving automation The distributor DigiKey has released Season 3 of its Factory Tomorrow video series, focusing on the innovations driving sustainable change in industrial automation. Sponsored by Schneider Electric and Panduit, the series looks at how powering production with alternative energy sources, sustainable operations and more are shaping a leap-forward for manufacturing. The first video, Reducing the Impact of Production, explores how tomorrow’s factories will rely on connectivity and highspeed infrastructures. The second will visit a smart Schneider factory in the US, to learn how it can serve as a model. The third will showcase automation and sustainability at DigiKey’s global distribution facility. Portal offers libraries and downloads Panasonic has launched a portal for users of its motors, HM-series HMIs, PLCs and FP-I4C Industry 4.0 communicator . The Panasonic Industry InfoHub offers software files and programming libraries for motion control and network protocols, user manuals, software, as well as instructions, help systems and example projects. The PLC libraries include pre-built functions and function blocks for motion control and network communications. The hub provides information on Panasonic’s IEC 61131-3 PLC programming software, configuration support, and FP OPC server software. automation-devices-solutions/infohub Changing attitudes to automation Kuka has produced a report examining how niche markets – such as electrical waste management and industrial 3D printing – are investing in automation. Called Stronger, Faster, More Productive, it includes insights from UK and Irish manufacturers turning to technologies previously regarded as being too costly or outside their comfort zones. But such manufacturers are now facing soaring energy and material costs, labour shortages, and pressure to decarbonise. The case studies show how their attitudes to automation are changing. Gigabit Ethernet extenders can reach up to 1km Report links automation and sustainability Leuze electronic has launched a range of tower lights in robust aluminium housings which can be pre-configured with 3–5 segments. As well as standard models (TL 305) there are versions (TL 305-IOL) with IO-Link interfaces that can be used to parameterise the lights and allow the colour, intensity and lighting sequences of each segment to be configured and actuated individually. When used with proximity sensors, the towers can be used for safety-related monitoring. Kollmorgen has expanded the performance and flexibility of its AKD2G servodrives by launching a 24A version which gives users the option of achieving more power and control in a compact, high-current drive with expanded integration possibilities to support complex motion capabilities in simpler machines. The single-cable AKD2G 24A drive is designed for precision multi-axis applications, and can deliver provides 3x the continuous current rating for up to 5s during peak operation. It is suitable for intermittent-use, high-power servomotors, allowing drives to be downsized in some applications. Ifm electronic has announced a monitoring add-on for its Vision Assistant software, which captures images from vision sensors without specialist knowledge. The add-on makes it possible to display plant data alongside images in the same dashboard, giving an overview of critical aspects of plant operation. Users can configure the displayed data, which can include statistics on good and rejected parts, production rates, and sensor status information. The Nexen Group has announced an upgraded line of rotary indexers that deliver up to three times more torque and greater moment load capacities in a compact package. The X-Line indexers have a redesigned roller pinion and a larger gear pitch to handle higher torque capacities that deliver accuracy, rapid acceleration, high-speed positioning, increased load capacities and true repeatability. The systems can be designed for either low- or zerobacklash applications. The US couplings manufacturer Ruland has expanded its range of short rigid couplings to include keyways and step bore sizes, thus giving designers more options for applications with space or weight restrictions, or where they want a simpler assembly with fewer screws than traditional rigid couplings. The couplings, available in the UK from Acorn Industrial Services, offer more torque and torsional stiffness than flexible couplings, while fitting in a similar envelope. They come in straight or step bore combinations with bores from 6–25mm. NEW PRODUCTS n