Drives & Controls November/December 2023

n NEWS ROCKWELL AUTOMATION HAS signed an agreement with Infinitum, the Texas-based creator of highefficiency air-core motors, to jointly develop a new class of high-efficiency, integrated low-voltage drive and motor technology that, they say, will save energy and cut costs for industrial customers, while helping them to become more sustainable. Rockwell will combine its PowerFlex drive technology with Infinitum’s high-efficiency Aircore EC motor system. This package will help users to cut their carbon footprints with a motor system that is 50% smaller and lighter, uses 66% less copper, and consumes 10% less energy than traditional iron-core motors. The integrated motor-drives will be available in late 2024 from Rockwell and its partners. “We’ve long recognised the benefits of Infinitum’s integrated motor and drive system because of its class-leading energy efficiency, sustainability, and ease of operations,” says Barry Elliott, vice-president and general manager of Power Control at Rockwell. “We’re excited about the powerful impact that our new joint solution will have on improving sustainability, energy-efficiency, and productivity for our customers around the world.” Infinitum’s patented air-core motors offer superior performance in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional motors, making them the world’s most efficient for their weight, according to the company. The motors open up sustainable design opportunities for smaller, lighter and quieter machines, while also saving energy and reducing waste. Rockwell and Infinitum have collaborated since 2021, when Rockwell first invested in Infinitum. “This agreement opens new customer channels for our sustainable motors that can power the world with less,” says Infinitum’s founder and CEO, Ben Schuler. “Working with Rockwell will enable a Rockwell and Infinitum will develop high-efficiency motor-drives together direct and widespread impact on industrial companies, reducing electricity consumption and increasing sustainability for this energy-intensive sector.” • Infinitum has announced $185m of new funding – including investments from Rockwell and Chevron – bringing its total funding to date to $350m. The new money will be used to expand the company and increase production. An exploded view of Infinitum’s highefficiency air-core motor technology