Drives & Controls November/December 2023

Eaton have expanded their XControl portfolio with the new XC100 and XC200 modular PLCs. Along with the proven, powerful XC300, the PLCs of the XControl family now offer three performance levels. Users can therefore choose a solution that is precisely tailored to their application. Integrated Ethernet interfaces with high security standards make it even easier to integrate the products into modern digitalization concepts. Just like the existing XC300 series, the XC100 and XC200 can also be flexibly expanded and adapted to suit a wide range of system configurations using the XN300 system's I/O modules. With the XControl system, Eaton offers machine and system builders compact, powerful, and flexible PLCs for implementing lean and modern automation concepts—especially if used in combination with the modular XN300 I/O expansions and innovative XV series touch panel. The I/O level of the PLCs and gateways can be easily and flexibly supplemented using the XN300 system's I/O modules and assembled to create the ideal control configuration for an automation solution. Ethernet interfaces with individual network adapters for connection to different networks, along with the standard CAN and RS485 interfaces, turn the devices into a universal control and communication point within the networked system. The XC100 is the new "entry-level solution" in the XControl family. It can be used to efficiently implement small PLC and control functions with Ethernet-based networking. The modular PLC can be extended with up to six XN300 I/O modules and is available as an XC-104 with an onboard Ethernet interface. More complex automation solutions can be implemented using the XC200, which can be supplemented with up to 16 XN300 I/O modules. Additionally, two configurable digital inputs/outputs enable the implementation of special, time-critical applications. The XC-204 compact modular PLC is currently offered in four versions, which differ by the integrated communication interfaces: The user can choose whether one or two Ethernet interfaces are needed or whether they want to integrate the PLC into a network via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, CANOpen, Modbus RTU or RS485. Both the XC100 and the XC200 also feature an integrated OPC server, which enables standardized data transmission in M2M communication. The integrated HTML 5 web server also offers remote visualization on mobile devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. As a basic principle, the modular PLCs are all based on Eaton's secure-by-design concept. Eaton is committed to the latest standards in communication and security technology. This includes user management, password protection and up-to-date encryption technologies—so machines and systems can be effectively protected against access by unauthorized persons. The particularly reliable software core of the modular PLCs is based on an Eaton Embedded Linux platform with real-time expansion and the CODESYS Run-Time. Programming is done using CODESYS 3. The XN300-Assist software tool also allows users to plan their system efficiently. The tool's online and offline functions act as important aids during the commissioning and installation of the devices. n PRODUCT PROFILE New generation of XC100 and XC200 modular PLCs Maximum functions in a minimum footprint: For more information, visit :