Drives & Controls November/December 2023

As a leading supplier of precision motion control products for over 40 years, we have a commitment to technical excellence and customer service and adopt a partnership approach to business. We offer our customers a professional specification and design & build service, backed up with qualified and experienced technical sales and applications support staff. Challenge us to provide you with a complete solution. Custom engineered motion systems Servo motors & drives Stepper motors & drives Feedback devices Gearboxes Motion controllers & software Mechanical components The Place for Precision Motion Control Precision resolvers, AC and DC servomotors Small & precision stepper, brushed and brushless motors Small brushed and brushless motors, frameless torque motors Integrated AC servo and stepper motors Stepper motor drives, intelligent & integrated stepper and servomotor drives Geared DC motors Robust incremental and absolute encoders Harsh industrial, vacuum UHV, cryogenic & space rated stepper motors Vacuum and harsh industrial positioning systems Application-specific motion control technology High performance, multi-axis motion control Slip ring assemblies and rotary joints Planetary and spur gear units +44 (0) 1252 531444 The new torque motor range from ETEL COST OF OWNERSHIP is reduced with TMB+making direct drive technology accessible for many applications. LARGE PRODUCT RANGE with new motor sizes, active lengths and winding variants, enables machine design flexibility. PERFORMANCE OF TMB+ is increased by up to 20% torque density with reduced power losses of up to 30%. ETEL is 100% dedicated to direct drive technology with a wide range of linear and torque motors, position and motion controllers and high-end motion system products.