Drives & Controls November/December 2023

50 n NEW PRODUCTS November/December 2023 The German motion control manufacturer Stabilus, best known for its car boot lifting mechanisms – of which 50 million have been installed over the past two decades in almost every make of vehicle – has adapted its linear actuation technology for industrial applications. Its Industrial Powerise electromechanical drives provide safe, automatic opening, closing, lifting, lowering, adjusting and holding of movable components such as flaps, covers and sliding doors. The first model (IPR35) delivers forces of up to 2.5kN. Other variants will follow in 2024 with expanded functions, and for higher-force applications. The maintenance-free actuators with internal sensors are protected up to IP69k. Manual adjustment safeguards users and machines even in emergencies such as power outages. The drives can be linked to Stabilus pneumatic springs, allowing dynamic forces to be combined with load compensation – claimed to be a unique capability. Users can choose spindle pitches from 2–30mm, connection options and different forces, strokes and speeds. Versions will be available that allow manufacturers to use their own controllers. Stabilus Car boot actuator giant turns its attention to the industrial sector Mechanical machine tool portfolio gets an upgrade 3D-printed e-chain racks can be custommade in 36 hours Schaeffler has expanded its portfolio of bearings, motors and gearboxes for machine tool applications. The additions include: new sizes of rotary table and rotary axis bearings; cylindrical roller bearings with a new cage that simplifies lubrication and leads to more uniform temperatures; torque motors; linear motors; as well as strainwave and planetary gearboxes. The new arrivals are characterised by high dynamics, precision and efficiency, and long machine runtimes. They include: n High-speed YRTS axial/radial bearings with high load-carrying capacities in sizes 580 and 650. The rotary table bearings are double-direction axial bearings with screw mounting and radial guidance bearings. n Torque motors with air gap diameters from 298–690mm. n Water-cooled, high-efficiency L7 linear motors in 12 sizes with ratings to 24.3kN. Power losses have been halved compared to earlier models for the same drive force, or forces increased by up to 40%. n RT1 and RT2 strainwave gears with maximum torque of 28– 484Nm across five sizes, and PSC planetary gearboxes spanning 327–5000Nm. n N10 single-row and NN30 double-row cylindrical roller bearings for applications needing precision under high radial loads. The N10 has a new internal geometry and a new Peek cage, ensuring low friction and noise levels, and less strain on lubricants. The cage is guided unilaterally on an outer ring, leading to faster grease distribution cycles and lower temperatures. n Hybrid cylindrical roller bearings with roller made from a high-performance ceramic. The number of rollers has been halved and the bearings have low friction and wear, and operate at low temperatures. Schaeffler Igus says it has developed the first 3D-printed energy chain rack and that it can produce individually printed racks within 36 hours, avoiding many work steps, and cutting costs and assembly times “significantly”. The readychain p-rack (printed rack) can be adapted to customer requirements with millimetre precision. Users can design their own pracks and can specify ergonomic designs with rounded shapes, and no interfering contours or sharp edges. Additional elements such as tool holders, parts containers and lettering can also be printed if required. The service, based in Germany, can produce one or more items. The p-rack is not only produced faster but is also up to 80% lighter than metal versions, saving on materials and making handling easier and safer. Installation times and costs can be cut by up to 66%. Assembly and disassembly can be carried out without needing extra tools. Due to the weight reduction and the modular design, volume and transport costs can also be reduced. All attachments can be printed from corn starch, which is robust and rust-proof and can be re-granulated and re-used. igus 01604 677240 Apex Dynamics has launched a range of adaptable helical gearboxes and geared motor combinations, spanning the power range 0.09–200kW, and the torque range 85–50,000Nm. The G-Series boxes offer low noise, stable operation, long service lives, and low maintenance and repair costs. They have an average efficiency of 94%. There are four variants including right-angle and inline options. Users can choose between GR coaxial-helical gearboxes, GF parallel-shaft helical gearboxes, GS helicalworm gearboxes and GK helicalbevel gearboxes. There is a choice of brake, encoder and force vent options, and base, flange or torque-arm mounting variants. The gearboxes have cast-iron housings, coupled with hardened and ground gearing, for smooth, accurate operation. They are interchangeable with other designs, and come with five-year warranties and 2–3 week lead times. Helical gearboxes are ideal for high-load applications. They consist of a set of cylindrical gears with slanted tooth tracks, providing high contact levels, and low vibration and noise. Apex Dynamics Helical gearboxes promise low maintenance and repair costs