Drives & Controls November/December 2023

52 n NEW PRODUCTS Nord has developed a range of decentralised frequency inverters for horizontal conveyor applications up to 1.5kW in the food and beverage sector. The Nordac On Pure SK 35xP inverters have an IP69 wash-down design with round and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. The inverters can be combined with Nord gear-motors and mounted on motors or walls. Several can be daisy-chained together. The inverters have an overload capacity of up to 150% for 60 seconds, or 200% for 5 seconds, reducing the number of variants needed. They have multi-protocol Ethernet interfaces and IIoT capabilities. Corrosion protection is provided by a nsd tupH surface treatment. To simplify cleaning, the number of connections is minimised by using one-cable hybrid cables. Nord Gear (UK) 01235 534404 Mitsubishi Electric has updated its FX5-ENET Ethernet device to offer IIoT capabilities in machines using its Melsec iQ-F PLCs. Endusers and machine-builders can improve efficiency using expanded access to cloud computing, cybersecurity and email functions. The hardware update makes it possible to collect data in the cloud. Machines using it can benefit from data-driven analytics to support predictive maintenance, simplify troubleshooting and improve productivity. The cloud function is supported by the MQTT protocol, which includes security functions, such as encryption and digital certifications, that help to prevent, detect, respond to and address potential risks. https://emea.mitsubishielectric. com/fa Sick has added IO-Link to its CLV61X fixed-mount 1D barcode reading scanner and RFU61X UHF RFID read/write device, opening up opportunities to configure edge integrations with other IOLink sensors and IO-Link Masters. It promises to improve data transparency, and also offers an opportunity to reduce cabling significantly, lowering costs and enabling more efficient installation. IO-Link also facilitates rapid commissioning, as well as easy device replacement. The latest version (2.6) of Aerotech’s Automation1 motion control platform brings the sockets interface’s official release, a more intelligent machine set-up and configure workspace, extra MachineApps customisation options, API improvements and more. Users can now connect to the controller via Modbus TCP/IP or by a simple sockets interface on PC- or drive-based platforms. The new MultisinePlus frequency response type enables better tuning of high-friction systems and those with signal-to-noise issues. The machine set-up configuration wizard has added intelligence targeted at system upgrades and configuration changes. IOTA Automation has formed a partnership with Germany’s Christ Electronic Systems to offer its display and PC products in the UK. The range includes hygienic Vesa displays, box PCs and an IP69protected stainless-steel Vesa panel PC. Christ has traditionally focussed on high-volume brandlabel projects, but the partnership will make its hardware available to UK machine-builders. RARUK Automation is offering a robotic palletiser based on Universal Robots’ largest six-axis cobot (collaborative robot), the UR20. The Robotiq PE20 palletiser can handle payloads up to 20kg with end-of-arm tooling, and support up to 13 picks per minute. It is said to offer high productivity and efficiency. The palletiser is compatible with standard pallet sizes and can reach stack heights of up to 2.15m. When paired with Robotiq’s PowerPick gripper and Multipick software, the PE20 will can palletise multiple boxes simultaneously. With 16 possible gripper configurations, it allows users to manage changing production line needs, and can adapt to future requirements. The UR20 has re-designed joints that allow faster speeds and higher torque, cutting cycle times by up to 65%, as well as allowing the robot to handle heavier loads. RARUK Automation 01462 670044 Decentralised inverters target food and bev conveyors Cobot palletiser can handle payloads up to 20kg Schaffner has announced a range of low-leakage current filters which, it claims, fill a gap for low-profile three-phase filters in industrial and robotics applications. The FN304X EMC filters are rated for currents of 10–30A at 50ºC. They are smaller than their predecessors yet offer superior performance. Designed to meet European EMC requirements, the filters are suitable for applications that have safety and reliability as a main focus. A plastic housing combined with a metal ground plate results in a low weight without compromising EMC performance, while hinged terminal covers enhance safety by protecting against contact with live conductors. The filters have leakage currents up to 0.40mA depending on the voltage, and inductances from 0.5–12.9mH at 1kHz. The embedded terminals are easy to connect and DIN-rail mounting is an option. The filters contain materials that can be separated easily at the end of their lives for environmentally safe disposal. Schaffner Baumer claims that its latest ultrasonic distance measurement sensor is the world’s shortest, with a housing length of just 50mm, as well as a 15mm “blind”area. The UR12 sensor has electronics built into its M12 housing, and offers a response time of up to 16ms, with a maximum detection range of 500mm or 1000mm for through-beam versions. It gives designers freedom to save space in machines. The sensor has an IO-Link interface for easy integration and delivery of secondary data. For less demanding applications, a retrofit variant is available without IO-Link. The sensor can be used a drop-in replacement for older M12 devices. Sonic cones can be configured using Baumer’s free Sensor Suite software. Baumer 01793 783839 November/December 2023 Low-leakage EMC filters fill a gap in the market Ultrasonic distance sensor is ‘the world’s shortest’