Drives & Controls November/December 2023

<# n NEW PRODUCTS November/December 2023 54 The German machine vision specialist IDS has announced a stereo vision camera that not only generates 3D point clouds, but also delivers 2D images in colour (RGB) using an additional built-in sensor. This is said to result in realistic 3D images and supports subsequent processes – for example, when the images need to be processed further to perform sorting tasks. The preconfigured Ensenso C camera is suitable for applications such as quality control, picking tasks and assembly line duties. Initially, the camera is available with a baseline of 240mm. Other models with 455mm baselines are planned. The 5MP-resolution camera delivers precise data even in large-volume applications. It achieves a reproducible Zaccuracy of 0.2mm at a distance of 2m. Temperature-related deviations in depth values are minimised. A diffused white light LED supports 2D colour imaging in applications with changing ambient light conditions. The system has a 200W projector power rating. The camera’s IP65/67 enclosed housing protects its components from environmental influences and vibrations. IDS (Imaging Development Systems) 00 49 7134 96196 0 3D camera monitors both colour and space Managed switches use a new operating system Moxa has launched a new generation of secure industrial routers for Ethernet-based applications in critical remote control and monitoring networks. The EDR-8010 router combines the functions of an industrial firewall with eight FE and two Gigabit ports, NAT, VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions. It protects critical assets by providing various security zones while connecting multiple PLC/Scada systems in factory automation. All security functions are based on the IEC 62443/NERC CIP industrial cybersecurity standards. The router can boot securely in under 30s and offers a data throughput of 50,000pps – five times faster than the previous EDR-810. DPI (deep packet inspection) protects applications from unwanted intrusions at the protocol level. The router can also be equipped with an intrusion prevention system to detect and prevent ransomware and other threats. The VPN provides 50 secure tunnels at 200 Mbps based on the IPSec protocol. Moxa's proprietary Turbo Ring redundancy technology makes it easier to ensure the availability of industrial networks. With up to 250 switches, the network can be restored in less than 50ms in the event of an interruption. Moxa Belden has launched a range of managed switches, along with a new operating system called the Hirschmann Entry Operating System (HiEOS). The Lemur Lite switches offer advanced security, Gigabit Ethernet, and an intuitive Web interface to simplify setup and maintenance without needing IT expertise. The IP30-protected switches have Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ options delivering up to 180W of power without needing a separate power supply. They have been developed in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1 security standards. A “set it and forget it” capability simplifies maintenance and cuts the cost of ownership. HiEOS offers Layer 2 managed switching capabilities such as port control and remote diagnostics. It supports redundancy protocols including Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Client. It also supports interfaces including command-line interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), JavaScript Object Notation Remote Procedure Call (JSON-RPC). Belden 00 31 77 387 8555 Secure router combines firewall and switching functions Compact stepper drives combine high torque with low vibration EAO has introduced two stepper motor drive families that deliver the high torque needed to make motion smoother and more precise, and to slash positioning cycle times. The Sanyo Denki Sanmotion F2 drives target demanding two- and five-phase motor control applications. There are two variants. The F2BED200P100 is aimed at stepper motors with phase currents up to 2A. It is a plugand-play replacement for the BS1D200P10 driver with up to 33% less vibration, in a 7% smaller and 39% lighter frame. The higher-power F2BFD400P100 is aimed at stepper motors with phase currents of 3–4A. It delivers twice the current of the model it replaces, but in a frame that is 12% smaller and 33% lighter. Both drives offer functions including pulse input modes, a low-vibration mode, operating current, step angle and current at rest, as well as overcurrent, abnormal power supply voltage and excess temperature detection. EAO 01444 236000