Drives & Controls January 2024

Simple to use yet o ering sophisticated features, the ABB’s ACS880 drive is built on ABB’s all-compatible drive platform, providing precise control in numerous applications such as cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. Built-in application control programs make the ACS880 easy to adapt to a wide range of uses across almost all industries. The ACS880 is easy to commission, and o ers an intuitive control panel and PC tool, as well as built-in safety features for simplied conguration. Able to communicate with all major automation networks, the drive features a removeable memory unit for easy drive commissioning and replacement. Fundamentally, the drive is designed to reduce the energy usage of motor-driven applications, helping to save money and improve sustainability. Factory tested to ensure high reliability, the ACS880 is compatible with a host of AC motors that benet from using ABB’s signature direct torque control (DTC), which o ers precise open and closed loop control. Most VSDs rely on a modulator stage that conditions voltage and frequency inputs to the motor, a method that leads to delays in processing control signals. By contrast, DTC controls motor ‡ux and torque directly, instead of trying to control motor currents indirectly like AC vector drives and DC drives. This greatly increases motor torque response, giving better accuracy when matching the driven system’s load requirements. The ACS880 has a broad portfolio that provides other benets, including the ability to make use of regenerative braking - braking energy is regenerated and returned to the drive for further distribution forward to the supply network, instead of being lost as heat. This gives more e‰cient energy savings compared to mechanical and resistor braking. The drive can transition seamlessly between motoring and generating modes. The drive’s active supply unit boosts output voltage, guaranteeing full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. This makes the ACS880 the perfect choice to e‰ciently return 100% of a motor’s braking power back to the supply network for use by other equipment, ensuring that no energy is wasted. Another benet is that it can provide unity power factor, as well as producing a low level of network harmonics, a major issue with other types of VSDs. As an ultra-low harmonic drive, ACS880 provides a built-in harmonic reduction method that successfully reduces harmonics by up to 97 percent, without the need for additional lters. A version of the ACS880 also offers liquid cooling, removing the need for any extra active airflow provision such as air conditioning devices or air ducts in the electrical room. In addition, liquid is a far more efficient coolant than air, allowing heat losses to be transferred away from the drive quickly to ensure effective dissipation. Of course, safety is a major priority, even more so where devices may need to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. ABB motors for explosive atmospheres are type tested and ATEX and IECEx certied in variable speed operation together with the ACS880. ABB’s extensive experience with explosive atmospheres and comprehensive motor and drive testing helps users optimize drive selection without over-dimensioning. The drive’s ATEX certied built-in protection functions, a wide range of options which are easy to program, and scalable control performance together with ABB motors make the ACS880 the ideal choice for safe operation in explosive atmospheres. The ACS880 also o ers built-in service functionalities for gathering service information. By downloading ABB’s new Drivebase app, users can easily link the drive to ABB’s service support. Should a fault occur with the drive, a QR code is generated through the assistant control panel on the drive. The user can scan the QR code with a mobile device, which then accesses the ABB service site. This gives rapid access to critical information about the error, as well as recommended troubleshooting actions, ensuring the drive is back in action as quickly as possible. COVER STORY For more information about the ABB ACS880, scan the QR Code or visit: Safe, ecient, trouble-free operation across a range of motor-driven applications