Drives & Controls April 2024

C H A R T E R C O N T R O L S SIMPLIFYING IT FOR YOU C O N SIMPLIFYING IT FOR MOTOR LOAD (kW) MONITORS & TRANSDUCERS Protect Machines & Monitor Processes Digital load monitor - DIN rail mounted Digital load monitor - Panel mounted Analogue load transducers CHARTER CONTROLS For more information call 01424 850660 • Improving Your Bottom Line Simplifying Your Purchasing Experience Comprehensive UK Stocks for Next Day Delivery Purchase Direct from Manufacturers Agent Tailored Services & Discount Structures The new torque motor range from ETEL COST OF OWNERSHIP is reduced with TMB+making direct drive technology accessible for many applications. LARGE PRODUCT RANGE with new motor sizes, active lengths and winding variants, enables machine design flexibility. PERFORMANCE OF TMB+ is increased by up to 20% torque density with reduced power losses of up to 30%. ETEL is 100% dedicated to direct drive technology with a wide range of linear and torque motors, position and motion controllers and high-end motion system products.