Drives & Controls April 2024

As a leading supplier of precision motion control products for over 40 years, we have a commitment to technical excellence and customer service and adopt a partnership approach to business. We offer our customers a professional specification and design & build service, backed up with qualified and experienced technical sales and applications support staff. Challenge us to provide you with a complete solution. Custom engineered motion systems Servo motors & drives Stepper motors & drives Feedback devices Gearboxes Motion controllers & software Mechanical components The Place for Precision Motion Control Precision resolvers, AC and DC servomotors Small & precision stepper, brushed and brushless motors Small brushed and brushless motors, frameless torque motors Integrated AC servo and stepper motors Stepper motor drives, intelligent & integrated stepper and servomotor drives Geared DC motors Robust incremental and absolute encoders Harsh industrial, vacuum UHV, cryogenic & space rated stepper motors Vacuum and harsh industrial positioning systems Application-specific motion control technology High performance, multi-axis motion control Slip ring assemblies and rotary joints Planetary and spur gear units +44 (0) 1252 531444 Are you investing in the potential of your workforce? Industry recognised courses from the BFPA Improves Safe Working Practices Increases Productivity and Performance Creates an Adaptable and Flexible Workforce BRITISH FLUID POWER ASSOCIATION Please call 01608 647900 or email Improves Company Reputation 19487 1/4 Page Drives & Control Ad.qxp_Layout 1 19/12/2023 08:33 Page