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IF YOU’RE READING THIS, THEN SO ARE 60,000+ ENGINEERS IMAGINE THE IMPACT YOUR ADVERT COULD HAVE Contact Damien Oxlee +44 (0) 1732 370342 SERVO MOTOR & DRIVE REPAIRS SERVO MOTOR & DRIVE REPAIRS PRODUCTS & SERVICES DIRECTORY To advertise contact Damien Oxlee t: +44 (0) 1732 370342 e: SENSORS Servo & Stepper Drives EtherCAT & CANopen Multi Axis Capability Step & Direction PWM Velocity/Current ± 10V Velocity/Current Safe Torque Off Tel: 01202 666636 Servo Components & Systems Ltd OUR HEART BEATS - FOR INDUSTRY 4.0. We offer the necessary technologies for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. Experience Industry 4.0 ready IO-Link sensor systems and automation solutions now and let your heart beat a little faster. 3KRQH (PDLO VDOHV#EDOOXII FR XN 9LVLW ZZZ EDOOXII FR XN Service from Bosch Rexroth We are the only company that can repair and replace Rexroth products back to the original specification. Whether you need spare parts, a system health check or want to talk through your service issues, call our helpline: 0800 169 6624 service VECTOR MOTORS SENSORS, INSTRUMENTATION & BARCODE READERS Your Sensor & Barcode Specialist Position Sensors Colour Sensors Barcode Readers 0844 3351232 SERVO DRIVES