April/May 2018

Aberdeen Tel: 01224 786166 Email: sales@stauffscotland.co.uk Ireland Tel: 02892 606900 Email: sales@stauffireland.com Sheffield Tel: 0114 251 8518 Email: sales@stauff.co.uk Southampton Tel: 023 8069 8700 Email: sales@stauffsouthampton.co.uk www.stauff.co.uk www.stauffwebshop.co.uk • Light-weight and at the same time robust • Used for the assembly of cutting rings in the Light Series (L) as well as in the Heavy Series (S) according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 on metric tube ends with outer diameters from 6 mm to 42 mm • The machine has been designed for hand-held, tripod- or table- mounted operation • Short tool change and setup times (with only a few seconds required to manually adjust the assembly pressure) • With the rechargeable battery being able to typically cover more than 200 assembly cycles per charge (depending on pressure settings and other influencing factors), the machine is also suitable for mass processing and production • The assembly machine is by default supplied in a heavy-duty trolley transport case that is equipped with a range of accessories and also provides suitable space for the assembly studs FILTRA TION SAE FL ANGES AND SOCKE T W ELD VALVES QUICK RELEAS E COUP LIN GS ULTRA HIGH P RESSUR E EQUIPM ENT SERVIC ES PORTABLE CUTTING RING ASSEMBLY UNIT Mode dial to manually adjust the pressure (settings indicated on the machine housing) Status lights on the back of the machine housing Assembly machine attached to a tripod stand using a mounting bracket Leading Global Manufacturer of Components and Accessories for Hydraulic Applications One of many pieces of equipment that STAUFF have to offer for Hydraulic Applications