June 2018

Aberdeen Tel: 01224 786166 Email: sales@stauffscotland.co.uk Ireland Tel: 02892 606900 Email: sales@stauffireland.com Sheffield Tel: 0114 251 8518 Email: sales@stauff.co.uk Southampton Tel: 023 8069 8700 Email: sales@stauffsouthampton.co.uk www.stauff.co.uk www.stauffwebshop.co.uk CLAMPS Leading Global Manufacturer of Components and Accessories for Hydraulic Applications • STAUFF ACT Clamps are an innovatively designed solution for the installation of instrumentation pipework where anti- corrosion properties are of paramount importance (e.g. in the fields of offshore oil and gas exploration and processing). • The design – based on the tried and tested STAUFF Clamps according to DIN 3015 – offers installation time reduction and long term cost savings due to extended service intervals. • The STAUFF ACT clamp body design is available for the Standard Series (DIN 3015, Part 1) and the Twin Series (DIN 3015, Part 3) to cover the most commonly used metric and imperial pipe diameters from 6 mm to 42 mm (1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch). FILTRA TION SAE FL ANGES AND SOCKE T W VALVES QUICK RELEAS E COUP LIN GS ULTRA HIGH P RESSUR E EQUIPM ENT SERVIC ES ,ɉJPLU[ WYL]LU[PVU VM JYL]PJL JVYYVZPVU \UKLY WPWL JSHTWZ HJOPL]PUN L_[LUKLK ZLY]PJL HUK THPU[LUHUJL PU[LY]HSZ ...port to port components, pipework and accessories.