October 2018

Aberdeen Tel: 01224 786166 Email: sales@stauffscotland.co.uk Ireland Tel: 02892 606900 Email: sales@stauffireland.com Sheffield Tel: 0114 251 8518 Email: sales@stauff.co.uk Southampton Tel: 023 8069 8700 Email: sales@stauffsouthampton.co.uk www.stauff.co.uk www.stauffwebshop.co.uk • Ball valve body made of European quality steel with the option of full material identification and retraceability • Ball with a full bore with no cross-section restriction in the ball valve • Hard chrome-plated balls to reduce friction and seat wear • Ball seats made of Delrin ® (POM) to assure low operating torques • No exposed threads in the flow passage • High-quality design with a large thrust washer (strength of 1mm) and back-up ring to protect the O-Ring against extrusion Leading Global Manufacturer of Components and Accessories for Hydraulic Applications STA UFF CONNE CT STA INL ESS ST EEL CO MPR ESS ION CLA MPS TES T C OMPONE NTS HOS E HOS E P ROTECT ION HOS E C ONN ECTORS STA INL ESS ST EEL HO SE CON NEC TOR S ADA PTO RS STA INL ESS ST EEL AD APT ORS SUP ERL OK a TUB E HYD RAU LIC ACCES SORIES FIL TRA TION SAE FL ANGES AND SOCKE T W ELD VAL VES QUI CK RELEAS E COUP LIN GS ULT RA HIGH P RES SURE EQU IPM ENT SER VIC ES VALVES Design Features of STAUFF Valves