October 2018

HYDRAULICS Measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and rotary shaft position on machines, industrial installations and electric drives is a key requirement in many industry sectors to ensure optimum performance. Baumer comments that rotary encoders and angle sensors are the preferred devices to achieve this and the company offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of encoders and sensors. The Baumer range now includes bearingless encoders which, as well as being very durable for the most demanding environments, are a convenient solution in applications where space is very limited. They feature space-saving, short mounting depth and wear-free magnetic sensing technology and are available in incremental and absolute variants. The incremental option (MDFK/ITDx0/MIR) is designed for shafts up to 740mm and provide square wave and SinCos signals with up to 524 288 pulses and up to 32 769 sine periods. The absolute variants (HDmag MHAD/MHAP/MAGRES EAM) are for shorter shafts up to 340mm and provide SSI, CANopen, Analog interface with single-turn resolution up to 17 bits. They also feature additional square wave or SinCos signals and redundant product variants. Applications for both variants of these bearingless encoders will be found in; motor feedback, textiles manufacturing, printing and paper machinery, elevators, cranes, wind turbines, hydro power stations and large drives used in steel mills. www.baumer.com Duable space-saving bearingless encoders Wanner International has launched the Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump (patent pending), designed for lower total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance and service costs by up to 80% over its lifespan. According to the company, the pump could also save up to 13,500KWH in energy per year. One of the principle applications will be in truck cleaning in the construction industry. Easy to install The Intelligent Pump is a highly- reliable, energy-efficient, high-pressure cleaning pump with ultimate controllability that delivers the required pressure at the press of a button. The Intelligent Pump operates without any dynamic seals and supports a ‘plug and play’ fixed solution that makes it very easy to install. With its seal-less design, the Intelligent Pump can handle recycled/grey water, high liquid temperatures of up to 120degC and works without forced lubrication. The pump also works without the wear and maintenance a plunger pump would suffer under the same conditions. The Intelligent Pump can also handle aggressive, corrosive and large-particle fluids such as sodium hydroxide, acids and citrus based solvents, proving itself to be effective for high-pressure cleaning. The pump’s seal-less design prevents leaks, ensuring that these harmful substances remain inside the pump, rather than creating health & safety risks Intelligent pump ‘reduces maintenance costs by 80%’ through leakage; a common problem with some plunger pumps. Money, energy and time savings Wanner International’s managing director, Paul Davis, said: “The Intelligent Pump saves money, energy and time, and is reduces health and safety hazards and therefore plant down-time. The complete ‘plug and play’ solution couldn’t be simpler to install and use.” The Intelligent Pump works so effectively as it is designed to use multiple lances with one pump without the need for liquid bypass, eliminating the need for unloader valves or pressure regulating valves. www.hydra-cell.eu/IntelligentPump 26 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS October 2018 www.hpmag.co.uk A new range of high-pressure metering pumps that offers virtually pulse-free operation, consistent high accuracy and hydraulic efficiency is now available from pumping specialist Michael Smith Engineers. Hydra-Cell MT8 Series pumps can deliver positive displacement flows with highly repeatable accuracy, making them suitable for metering and dosing applications where precise volumes of liquid are required in a specified time period. These pumps are designed to handle a variety of processing liquids at low flow rates and high pressures, exceeding API 675 performance standards for steady-state accuracy (±1%), linearity (± 3%) and repeatability (±3%). Electronic flow control increases accuracy and reliability and they are also available with a manual, variable speed gearbox for use in hazardous areas. Their integral multiple hydraulically actuated diaphragms ensure pulse-free, linear flows across a wide pressure range, without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners. They are also are easy to monitor ensuring simplified control systems. MT8 pumps are also hermitically sealed which effectively separates the power end from the process fluid which helps to eliminate leaks and the associated risks and hazards along with the expense of seals and packing. They also have a replenishment valve system in every piston which ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke resulting in the benefit of continuous accuracy whilst also protecting the pump from damage in the event of a blocked suction line. www.michael-smith-engineers.co.uk Metering pumps for accuracy and energy efficiency