July/ August 2020

Reynolds Contamination Control has entered into a new partnership agreement with components and system supplier Argo-Hytos. The deal will see a significant quantity of Argo’s conditioning monitoring sensors being used in Reynolds’ The Link – a Cloud-based monitoring system. It formalises a collaboration that began last year and brings benefits for both parties. Argo-Hytos UK general manager, Kerry Mulholland, comments: “This is an important step forward for us – providing us with a route into a market where we have traditionally had a fairly low profile and giving us a well-respected partner in terms of sensors and fluid management. “The agreement we have signed with Reynolds will be a core element in our five- year plan to position ourselves as an international partner implementing innovative and individually designed system solutions in collaboration with our customers.” Reynolds’ technical director, Wayne Hubball, adds: “Over the past six months we’ve been working closely with Argo- Hytos and in that time it’s become clear that we share the same vision and goals in terms of giving customers 10 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS July/August 2020 www.hpmag.co.uk NEWS Shared vision cements new partnership unprecedented cleanliness monitoring capability. “Meaningful data is the key to predicting failure in lubrication equipment. And the key to collecting this data is the experienced implementation of sensors – fitting them correctly and in the right place – something we’ve been doing for many years now. We set the highest possible standards and we expect the same from our suppliers – which is why we went to Argo-Hytos. Argo-Hytos has an established, international network of production and distribution companies to support a wide range of customers around the world. The company has more than 70 years’ experience in fluid and motion control and filtration technology in mobile and industrial hydraulics. Reynolds Contamination Control has been relentless in its quest to boost filtration and particle control – and overall cleanliness in fluids. Along with training and consultancy services, the company designs and builds bespoke rigs for clients – including Formula 1 racing teams – looking for the highest possible standards. As with most successful business relationships, the new agreement is built on personal mutual respect. Passion, talent and knowledge “When you start working with a new customer you always get a real buzz,” explains Mulholland, “but working with Wayne and Reynolds Contamination Control has given us a level of excitement you don’t often experience in business. To partner with someone who has this level of passion, talent and knowledge – not only for his own systems but our sensors too – is something you can only admire.” Hubball adds: “It’s rare to find someone in our industry who not only has the talent, but the dedication to their craft that Kerry has. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him - and the rest of the Argo-Hytos team – over the last few months as we integrated their full range of lubrication condition sensors into our Link Cloud-based monitoring system. Kerry’s ‘no problem’ attitude - linked with his team’s service and support – has been faultless and allowed us to integrate with their range effortlessly.” Impulse Automation, a worldwide supplier of machine automation equipment, has officially launched its new website offering a wide range of timers, counters, solenoids, pneumatic components and process control equipment used within industrial, medical, automotive, marine, wind energy and agricultural sectors. Customers can now visit the website for Impulse Automation’s new range of ATEX pneumatic timers and counters that are certified for gas, dust and mining, making them suitable for applications in hazardous environments. A complete portfolio of incremental and absolute rotary encoders for light to extreme heavy-duty use can also be sourced on the website. The full range includes solid and hollow shaft encoders, IP69K rated encoders, high-grade stainless steel options for corrosive environments and ATEX and explosion- proof variants. For customers looking to purchase pneumatics solutions, the company’s range includes components such as mechanical, manual, air pilot or electrically controlled valves, cylinders, precision regulators, visual indicators, rotary actuators, logic valves and flow devices, sourced from manufacturers recognised for their quality and innovative designs. Customers can browse for rotary, linear, and holding solenoids, used in a variety of industrial applications including medical, automotive, machine automation, wind energy, marine and agricultural applications. Typical examples of application use include door locks, oxygen mask release mechanisms, gearbox interlocks, cash dispensing machines, amusement arcades, printers, laser positioning, parking ticket machines, card readers, conveyor feeds and diverters. In terms of accessories, customers will find pneumatic push- in and miniature fittings as well as blue, black, red, white, yellow, green, red and natural tubing. Electrical coils and plugs, cylinder mountings, protective covers and more are included on the website. “We are excited about our new website because it showcases precision engineering at its finest,” says Robert Dunn, managing director, Impulse Automation. “Our new website is an excellent shop window to the full range of machine automation components that we have available for worldwide delivery.” The new website has a clean and uncluttered design with a search facility that is second to none. Visitors can look for products using part numbers as well as product names, and it is easy to find datasheets, product manuals and ATEX declarations of conformity. Visit: www.impulseautomation.co.uk Impulse Automation launches new website The OPCom II – one of the range of sensors that Argo-Hytos will be supplying to Reynolds Contamination Control.