July/ August 2020

The filtration game just got that much smaller. You heard us. Smaller. As in more compact. Reduced. Tiny. Introducing the Hy-Pro FSW Wall mounted filtration system. Coming in at a whopping 0 cm 2 of floor space and only 56 cm wide by 33 cm deep, this tiny guy packs a behemoth filtration punch and can be used for more applications than you can shake a stick at. Designed to fit anywhere and everywhere, the FSW pulls out all the stops to filter even the smallest gearboxes. Choose from one of our media options to fit any application and protect your critical components whether you’re running FRFs with high acid content or high viscosity gearbox oil with heavy particulate. » To find out more, visit www.hyprofiltration.com/FSW 56 cm (22”) 56 cm (22”)