July/ August 2020

Contact the BFPA at Tel: +44 (0)1608 647900 • Fax: +44 (0)1608 647919 • Email: enquiries@bfpa.co.uk • Web: www.bfpa.co.uk It takes a pandemic to highlight the essential role of fluid power in the manufacturing supply chain, and the vast majority of our manufacturer and distributor fluid power member companies have continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 crisis supporting customers in many key industries such as agriculture, food, forestry, waste and transportation to name but a few. In addition, the BFPA is very proud of the significant role members have played in meeting the Government’s challenge to address shortages of PPE and additional medical equipment required during the recent COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. In a recent survey of members carried out in early June 2020, 22 out of 70 companies reported they had been involved in the direct provision of PPE or other medical equipment of which 14 companies played an active role in meeting the Government’s ventilator challenge. Others also reported to have made contributions in other ways, such as charitable donations. UPDATES BFPA Members support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic Other PPE Ventilators Oxygen Masks (for COPD etc.) 28% 14% 10% 48% Visit the BFPA news pages for more details and news from our members at www.bfpa.co.uk BFPA Members' involvement in supply of equipment for the NHS in the UK's COVID-19 response Several members reported using existing 3D printers to create face masks for medical staff. Others have supplied valves, tubing and hose assemblies for the manufacture of ventilators, including the CPAP ventilators designed and made by various F1 teams. Some members reported supplying parts for oxygen intensifying face masks for COPD sufferers, many of which were used in the temporary Nightingale hospitals set up around the country. Not to stop there, in our survey some BFPA members also reported a wide range of other related projects such as designing and supply of product for COVID-19 laboratory testing equipment, design and manufacture of trolleys for ventilators and supply equipment for oxygen transportation! Chris Buxton, BFPA CEO commented: “As an industry we can be proud of the fact that our members have clearly risen to the occasion, especially when it came to helping with the provision of PPE and ventilators technology – not to mention doing what was the right thing in the circumstances, despite the cost and the inconvenience to their businesses.”