July/ August 2020

The H-Track electro-hydraulic actuator from Thomson Industries comprises a motor, pump and valves that are integrated into a mini power pack mounted onto the cylinder. This allows completely self-contained hydraulic actuation without the need for external pipework. Claimed to be able to exert forces up to 22 kN and designed to be particularly robust, the power-dense H- Track offers the required performance too. In terms of installation, the H-Track is connected via two wires. All external pipework is eliminated, expediting installation and maintenance. All H-Tracks are lubricated for life, which further minimises maintenance requirements. This simple arrangement ensures that the H-Track offers considerable time savings on the production line and in the field. Eliminating pipework also negates the risk of crop contamination due to fluid leakage. This ensures that harvested material is not wasted, protecting the quality of produce. Space efficiency Space efficiency is also enhanced, as the self-contained H-Track combines all its required features within the power pack and cylinder. Packaging is consequently improved as well as overall weight – all important in improving vehicle efficiency. Another advantage, according to Thomson Industries, is the reduced power requirements of the H-Track. Without the requirement to power external systems, the H-Track is less power intensive. Energy efficiency is consequently improved. The H-Track offers inherent value too. HYDRAULICS 28 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS July/August 2020 www.hpmag.co.uk Linear actuators the preferred solution for agricultural OEMs Many technical applications are so specific that there are no machines off-the-peg that fit the bill. In these cases, special solutions are needed while, ideally, also being competitive on price. For Uniflex, its ability to provide these types of solutions to the hose & fittings marketplace been the basis of steady growth for the company since it was first established 48 years ago: Its solutions are ideal for special jobs such as the patented slide bearing technology for lubrication-free hydraulic crimpers. So, when a customer asked for a test bench for rotating hydraulic connections which are, for instance, used in hose drums of telescopic cranes, in booms of excavators or logging grabs in forestry technology, it was clear to Uniflex that it would be able to face this challenge. Integration Through technical enhancements to the company’s proven P250 hydraulic test bench it was made possible to also test components while they are rotating. For this, it was necessary also to integrate a rotational drive and a rotary feed-through into the test bench. And during the functional test, it should be possible to lock the component to be tested hydraulically by means of a valve. Within the scope of this order, a test pressure of 500 bar was required, versions for test pressures up to 3000 bar are, however, also an option. In addition, the adjustment to customer-specific applications allows further complex tests, such as those involving rotary couplings, quick couplings or hydrostatic travel drives. The P250’s Control C2 system was also adjusted to this individually customised special machine. However, this was no significant problem for the creative technicians at Uniflex. The company provided a two-year manufacturer`s warranty for this made-to-order special machine too. Moreover, when proper maintenance and careful handling are ensured, the owners of Uniflex devices can enjoy decades of service life from their investments. Uniflex comments that its machines, with their rare need for repairs, not only stand for ‘The best Return on Investment’ but also for CO2-conscious investments. www.uniflex.de Uniflex P250 special test bench with integrated rotary feed-through Through technical enhancements to the company’s proven P250 hydraulic test bench it was made possible to also test components while they are rotating. For this, it was necessary also to integrate a rotational drive and a rotary feed- through into the test bench. Rather than specifying a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator with supporting systems, agricultural OEMs can instead specify the self-contained H-Track at a reduced comparative cost, helping to improve the value of a vehicle. Immunity to vibrational drifting Additional capabilities are claimed to include an immunity to vibrational drifting and hydraulic self-locking when load is reversed. The compact pump and valves can also be configured to the requirements of each application. To withstand the outdoors, the H-Track can be specified in either IP67 or IP69K ingress protection ratings, with a standard operating temperature range of between -40degC to 82degC. Agricultural OEMs are moving to heavy duty electric actuators as they provide a host of advantages. The H-Track, for example, offers the strong performance of a hydraulic actuator while removing external pipework, easing installation, maximising value and reducing power consumption. www.thomsonlinear.com The H-Track electro-hydraulic linear actuator offers the performance of a traditional hydraulic actuator without the space requirements and costs of a full-size hydraulic system. With its self-contained actuation, the H- Track can withstand a machine’s constant bouncing to maintain its position.