July/ August 2020

HYDRAULICS 34 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS July/August 2020 www.hpmag.co.uk Material handling is tough, and it demands even tougher machines. Whether it’s telehandlers, concrete sprayers or aerial lifts, boom-equipped machinery takes on some of the most punishing tasks in industries worldwide. That makes robustness and flexibility absolutely crucial for the hydraulic hoses at the heart of these applications. However, in many cases rubber hoses simply aren’t up to the challenge. Abrasion, flex fatigue, extreme temperatures and more can cause traditional hydraulic hoses to become brittle and fail prematurely – creating delays, safety risks and higher maintenance costs. In response, thermoplastic hoses have become a more common sight in the toughest material handling machinery. Built using a variety of alternative tubing materials, such as nylon, polyester and polyurethane, these hoses offer considerable performance advantages over their rubber cousins. Performance under pressure The no-nonsense durability of thermoplastic hoses makes them ideal for the most demanding material handling applications. Compared with rubber alternatives, they boast far greater resistance to abrasion, chemicals, UV light, temperature extremes and other adverse conditions, as well as the ability to withstand the powerful pressure changes in heavy lifting applications while remaining flexible. Thermoplastic hoses bring design benefits too. Installation is made easier thanks to the ability to custom thermoform hoses to fit into specific designs – enabling tighter routing, faster installation and optimised performance. The unique properties of thermoplastic hoses also mean they can be manufactured in longer lengths than rubber alternatives. Hoses can be permanently joined together too, forming flat, compact and flexible multi-lines that can be reeled in easily. With thermoplastic hoses weighing about 50% less than rubber wire braided equivalents, they also reduce machine weight, power requirements and fuel consumption – unleashing greater day-to- day value for users. Thermoplastic hoses won’t degrade like rubber alternatives Taking hydraulic hoses to the extreme Advances in thermoplastic hoses are setting new standards for performance, versatility and longevity – bringing huge benefits to all those using mobile lifting and handling equipment, writes Dimitar Atanasov, product manager, Hydraulics EMEA, Eaton. Even with the highest performing hoses, any hydraulic system will only be as good as its fittings.