July/ August 2020

• System-engineered to exceed expectations , to enable exceptional performance and take the guesswork out of design compatibility. Durable to take the toughest task in material handling and engineered for extreme conditions.it functions well from -40 O C to 100 O C, have 10% better abrasion resistance and boast excellent chemical compatibility. • Exceptional performance for heavy lifting - withstand working pressures from 70 bar to 350 bar • Ease-of-use in design and in installation - with less routing force required • Drive more value for heavy lifting! Twice as light as rubber wire braided alternatives and able to be permanently joined together Performance, versatility and longevity. If you rely on machines with lifting arms like booms, masts and forklifts, now’s the perfect time to explore our new lineup of Eaton Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings. Reimagine design and performance. Our system engineered portfolio offers product configurations for every application for more efficient, safe and productive systems. Interested? Read more or contact us here: https://www.eaton.com/gb/synflex | Tel: 01753 608 733