July/ August 2020

SPOTLIGHT With the UK Government continuing to ease lockdown measures, increasing numbers of companies and commercial premises are opening for business after a hiatus due to COVID-19. To help protect the health of those making their way back to the office, factory, shop, pub, gym or any other place of work, a new surface sanitiser – Hi-KLEEN – is being introduced by Hi-line Industries. The company says spraying a single coating of HI-KLEEN on to surfaces such as doors, handles, handrails, chairs and desks will not only kill coronavirus, it will provide protection against further contamination for up to five hours. Hi-KLEEN has been specially formulated to kill and inhibit both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus) on hard or soft surfaces subject to frequent contact. Simply spray at a distance of approximately 10–20 cm from the surface to be treated for effective protection. This odour-free, clear product is ideal for offices, factories (including food plants), conference centres, sports clubs, hospitals, health centres, educational facilities, care homes, entertainment/hospitality venues (including restaurants and pubs), and even transport. Notably, active biocides present in the formulation provide longer-lasting protection than alcohol- based preparations. Hi-line says its new surface sanitiser does not stain, is non-corrosive and will give a streak and smear-free finish to most polished surfaces, including glass and stainless steel and the product is safe to use and alcohol-free, meaning that there is no drying or irritation to the skin. t | 01283 533377 e | enquiries@hilineindustries.com w | www.hilineindustries.com Screw couplings for high pressures (72 MPa), manufactured according to ISO 14540, are made with ball valves. DNP says these couplings are designed for heavy-duty tasks and their strength is a high working pressure at the expense of a reduced flow compared to other couplings with a traditional valve. The most common use is on equipment that requires a lot of power to be precisely controlled and managed. DNP says the simplicity of these couplings is such as to allow the connection by hand even with residual pressure and, thanks to the DNP technology, to guarantee the mechanical sealing of the valves without loss of fluid even at high static pressures where traditional gaskets would fail. t | +39 039 877451 e | info@dnp.it w | www.dnp.it PVS: THE REVOLUTIONARY SCREW COUPLINGS FOR HIGH PRESSURES GIVE WORKPLACES A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH TRIDENT HYDRAULICS, a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of hydraulic systems and circuits, says it enables its customers to get all their hydraulic equipment with ease in one place: HIGH-SPEC, CUSTOM DESIGNED HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS are designed by inhouse engineers, that can efficiently meet specific needs. Trident says its experienced and passionate engineers keep up to date with system design and use state-of-the-art 3D Solidworks CAD software to provide the highest quality. BESPOKE MANIFOLD BLOCKS are designed and manufactured in-house by ‘Trident Machining’. This enables rapid turnaround time and ensures specific requirements can be met. The machinists are consistent in producing clean, high precision, high quality manifolds. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS from trusted, quality brands such as Argo-Hytos, Salami, Settima and Fluid Press can also be supplied. Including, a wide range of hydraulic pumps, valves, filters, and power unit accessories that can meet the rarest of needs. Trident says it enjoys working with both large and small companies from a variety of different industries and can take a company forward with the finest equipment and ongoing support to provide the solutions and service necessary, no matter what the requirement is. t| 01926 811395 e | info@tridenthydraulics.co.uk w | www.tridenthydraulics.co.uk THE FULL SOLUTION FOR ALL HYDRAULIC NEEDS GENAIR is a company that rents air compressors and desiccant dryers to industry throughout the UK and beyond. Its fleet encompasses diesel powered sets, zero emission electric machines and oil free units. GenAir reports it recently received a much coveted Green Apple Award for its ‘All Electric – All Weather’ compressor. The company says its management team has over 140 years’ experience within the air compressor industry and operates one of the largest hire fleets of compressed air systems and desiccant dryers in Europe. GenAir equipment is ideally suited for use throughout the world and it supplies equipment all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. t | 0844 775 0890 e | sales@genair.co.uk ALL WEATHER COMPRESSOR As a commercial fluid specialist, APPLIED PUMPS says it has a complete programme of pumps and related fluid equipment: Screw Pumps & Gear Pumps for FUELS & OILS Centrifugal Pumps for WATER, EFFLUENT, CHEMICALS, FUELS.. Pumps for fluid transfer, air conditioning, circulation, cooling, tankers, spraying, dosing… Drum & Container Pumps for SOLVENTS, CHEMICALS, OILS & FUELS ATEX Ex certified equipment API certified pumps also certification to Lloyds, ABS, DNV marine Be-spoke packages designed & built to order Agitators & Mixers Filtration Flow Meters Valves Electric motors & Inverters t | 01246 260102 e | info@appliedpumps.co.uk COMMERCIAL FLUID SPECIALIST