July/ August 2020

www.hyprofiltration.com Hy-Pro Filtration designs, manufactures and implements proactive strategies to solve issues related to industrial fluid contamination through our filter elements and fluid conditioning equipment. Innovation is at the core of our culture and is exemplified by our engineers through the development of a full range of products to overcome even the most demanding fluid contamination challenges. From filtering high viscosity fluids at low temps in Canadian strip mines to removing dirt & water from diesel fuel deep in the rainforests of the Amazon and countless applications in- between, our filter elements and filtration equipment excel beyond expectations in almost every condition. Hy-Pro brand filter elements are the only elements in the industry manufactured and tested to “DFE” (Dynamic Filter Efficiency) ratings, staying true to efficiency ratings through the toughest real world start, stop, and working conditions. Our dedication to developing new products, continuously improving Hy-Pro Filtration 6810 Layton Road, Anderson, IN, 46011, USA T: +1.317.849.3535 F: +1.317.849.9201 E: europe@hyprofiltration.com W: hyprofiltration.com/ HY-PRO FILTRATION FACT FILE existing products and applying our expert product and industry knowledge to develop both standard and custom contamination solutions on a case-by- case basis is what makes Hy-Pro Filtration an engineering leader in the fluid power industry. The newest addition to the Hy-Pro line, the FSW Wall Mounted Filtration System is a compact, dedicated off-line contamination solution ideal for small reservoirs, gearboxes and diesel engine crankcase conditioning. Versatility is at the core of the FSW, which can utilize element media options for every application including particulate removal, water absorption, and varnish & acid removal. Compact and compatible, the FSW is the perfect offline filtration system for removing contamination from your systems and making sure they remain in peak operating condition. To learn more about the FSW, visit www.hyprofiltration.com/FSW