July/ August 2020

Webtec Products Ltd Webtec is a manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products for mobile, industrial and agricultural machinery and is represented worldwide in over 50 countries – see website for further details. The company consistently enables customers to meet their own clients’ needs by improving the productivity of heavy machinery. Webtec designs, manufactures and distributes fluid power products for the mobile and industrial machinery markets with two principal product ranges, hydraulic components and hydraulic test equipment. It also offers design engineering services to the manufacture of complete products to customers’ own specifications, such as specialist valves and test equipment. Its range of hydraulic control valves for mobile and industrial applications includes: Flow control: Two and three port pressure compensated valves Directional control: Zero-leak, rotary shear valves and manual winch valves Pressure control: In-line relief valves The range of hydraulic test equipment suitable for portable and fixed applications includes: Hydraulic testers: Digital, analogue, mechanical Flow meters: Turbine, positive displacement, variable orifice, variable area Webtec Products Limited Nuffield Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 3LZ tel: 01480 397444 e-mail: sales-uk@webtec.com website: www.webtec.com Contact Pressure meters: Test gauges, industrial gauges, transducers Tachometers: Photo, electric, inductive Data loggers: Portable, industrial Agents/Distributors for: Milwaukee Cylinders, Cudahy Wisconsin USA. Webtec’s range of hydraulic components has been built around a variety of flow control valves, including flow dividers and similar types of auxiliary valves. Design and developing of these products is continuous with the addition of complimentary items from other manufacturers. The Webtec portable hydraulic tester, now widely accepted as the industry standard, allows the user to measure flow, temperature, pressure and speed all in one rugged unit. The range has expanded over the years to include a full range of test equipment from a pressure test point to a hydraulic data logger. The company also offers full repair and calibration services at its fully equipped Repair and Calibration facility. Founded in 1964 Webtec formerly used the trade names of Webtec Hydraulics and Webster Instruments. A major factor in the company’s growth has been continuous investment in CNC manufacturing. In addition to its UK Headquarters, Webtec has divisions in Milwaukee USA, Cambrai France, Leverkusen Germany and in Hong Kong PRC. Certified to BS EN ISO9001:2015 Webtec Products Limited www.bfpa.co.uk Hydraulic measurement and control Company Profile