sales@filtertechnik.co.uk www.filtertechnik.co.uk 0800 0087 456 AIR BUBBLE PARTICULATE SHAPE RECOGNITION SHAPE RECOGNITION Portable oil & fuel analysis Broad range micron counts - 4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70, >100 Higher viscosities up to 2,400 cSt Water Sensor %RH Shape recognition: Bubble elimination Fatigue wear Cutting wear Sliding wear Viscosity sensor Not affected by phantom particles caused by anti-foaming additives Digital Imaging Particle Counter PARTICLE PAL PRO FEATURES THE FUTURE OF PARTICLE COUNTING LEt’s taLk HOW RELIaBLE IS YOUR pROceSS aIR SOlUtIOn ReallY? Onder karaca, Internal sales Engineer +44 0208 502 8112 onder.karaca@aerzen.com as a partner to the cement industry, aeRZen knows the high demands when it comes to the pneumatic transport of demanding bulk materials. aeRZen is able to guarantee maximum reliability: with an extensive product portfolio of robust, durable compressors and blowers, aeRZen offers the decisive components for every individual application, ensuring completely process reliability in production. www.aerzen.com LT_Quer_EN-210x148.indd 4 20.03.19 15:31