HYDRAULICS Filtertechnik offers a range of patch test kits and laser-based and digital imaging- based portable particle counters. Patch test kits to ISO 4407 & AS 4059 Particulate is a significant cause of system failures and component wear. Particles found in hydraulic systems are introduced from a variety of sources, from new oil deliveries to air born dust entering tank vents, to internal corrosion of tanks and wear particles to name but a few. Filtertechnik’s portable patch test kit enables users to quickly identify abnormal levels of contamination, wear debris and varnish in fluid power systems so that corrective actions can be undertaken. The kit enables instant visual analysis through an optical microscope of the significant types of system wear including bright and black metals, silica, fibres, elastomers, plastics and others. Images can be captured for reports. ISO 4407 counts captured on a slide are often the most accurate baseline for particle counting, i.e. the counts are not affected by bubbles or additive package. It is also possible to identify where contamination has come from through colour recognition, it is easy to see bright metal, soot, paint silica etc. on a patch slide Main features The patch test kit’s main features include: Patch test kit to measure contamination to ISO 4407 & AS 4059 High-quality microscope & camera give a visual representation and record of contamination Identify wear elements Varnish test complete with reference slides Laser-based portable particle counters Filtertechnik has been supplying laser- based particle counters for nearly 20 years. The FS9V2 family of Particle Pal units have a single LCD display showing connected sensors in real time. Particulate, water as %RH or PPM and density sensors are all available to add to the modular design. Filtertechnik has added an internal memory for capturing data with a simple USB data transfer of results that can be printed showing tabular and graphical results. Also included is powerful trending software, which shows real-time cleanliness data in graphical format via USB transfer to a connected PC. Laser counters are widely used and accurate when used correctly although they can be adversely affected by bubbles in samples and anti-foaming additives common in many hydraulic oils. Digital imaging-based particle counters Filtertechnik also produces a range of fixed or portable oil analysis kits utilising digital imaging as the particle counter. According to Filtertechnik, the main advantages are; a broader particulate range, shape recognition, bubbles are counted and eliminated from the ISO counts, plus the technology is not Particulate solutions from Filtertechnik 26 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS October 2021 www.hpmag.co.uk Patch test kit. Patch test dirt.