HYDRAULICS 28 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS October 2021 www.hpmag.co.uk affected by additive packages, particularly in new oil (which affects Laser counters, sometimes quite adversely). The field of view is larger than for laser counters plus the viscosity range is much higher, capable of over 2400cst. The technology also gives root cause shape recognition to the particulate in live systems or bottle samples of any oil. Particles are counted and categorized into fatigue, sliding or cutting wear. Air bubbles and water droplets are counted and then eliminated from the counts making this suitable for live testing or permanent installation on systems where air is present such as large gearboxes. High resolution images are captured for further analysis and reporting, images show particulate from 2 microns and above. The algorithms on the device measure the size and shape of the particles. The Particle Pal Pro can be provided with just a particle counter or, as per the laser counter versions, also supplied with additional sensors such as: oil life sensor, water sensor, viscosity sensor or density meter. The Particle Pal Pro is able to handle light oils and diesel through to heavy gear oils up to 2400cst. A special internal stepper motor pump with controlled flow rate can run for 6-8 hours on a single charge. All results are logged internally and can be exported as a pdf or spreadsheet for reporting purposes. Features Key features include: High viscosity capability (up to 2400cst) Broad spectrum of micron counts Air Bubble elimination from the counts Not affected by anti-foaming oil additive package Sliding, cutting and fatigue wear analysis Water content analysis Remaining life of the oil www.filtertechnik.co.uk Particle Pal Pro. Particle Pal.