HYDRAULICS 32 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS October 2021 www.hpmag.co.uk years… We are issuing our own warning to world governments that it is dangerous to overlook the recognised power of AD as an immediate solution.” With experience of delivering heat exchange solutions and systems to AD plants around the world, HRS Heat Exchangers wholeheartedly agrees with these comments. Not only is AD underutilised around the world, but in many situations where it is deployed, the overall efficiency of biogas production or spare heat utilisation is less than optimum. Improved efficiency HRS produces a range of systems that are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of AD plant operation, add value to digestate production (which is a valuable, renewable and low-carbon organic fertiliser and soil conditioner) and prolong the life of AD plant components. Among these systems are our Digestate Pasteurisation System (DPS), Digestate Concentration System (DCS), and the Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS Series). HRS also manufactures a range of heat exchangers for use in biogas production including the HRS Unicus Series of scraped surface heat exchangers for use in thermal hydrolysis to increase biogas production, the G Series for exhaust gas cooling and heat recapture, and the DTI Series for feedstock and digestate heating. Whatever your biogas project, from small on-farm crop and manure digestion to large municipal waste treatment HRS Heat Exchangers has the solutions to increase AD plant efficiency, prolong operational life and maximise both the economic and environmental benefits. www.hrs- heatexchangers.com The Digestate Concentrati on System (DCS) reduces the volume of digestate, increasing the nutrient content and making it easier to handle The HRS Biogas Dehumidific ation System (BDS) removes water from biogas, protecting CHP engines from corrosion and cavitation. Using DTI Series heat exchangers for digester heating provides a number of benefits